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WYLDCAT: Frequently Asked Questions


What is the session timeout?
The current setting is 15 minutes of inactivity before the session times out. As long as the session remains active - the user clicks on links, or continues to perform searches, then the session will not time out. This setting is at the system level, statewide.

How do I look at the MARC tags in WYLDCAT?
From the full record screen, select the 'Catalog Record' tab. This will display a brief view of the MARC record. To see all the MARC tags, click on the button labeled "Change Display". This will present you with options to show the MARC tags unformatted (numbered instead of labeled), and to show all MARC tags. Make your selections and click 'OK'. You will need to click on the 'Catalog Record' tab again to see the changes. This view option will persist for the duration of your session unless you return to 'change display' and make different selections.

How do we get to the Online Databases page?
Access to the statewide resources is provided at gowyld.net/. A link to "Research & Discovery" appears on the right of most display screens in WYLDCAT which will take the user to these pages. If users are at an authenticated site, they will have full access to all the resources. If they are accessing from outside an authenticated site, such as from home, then they will need to log in to a proxy server where they will be prompted for their library card and PIN. For help troubleshooting remote access problems, please review technote 001.

When I go to place a hold in WYLDCAT, why do I see all those volume numbers that aren't mine?
When placing a hold, if the database contains multiple volumes for the item (from the enumeration field), then all the different 'volumes' will appear. Note that subfield 'Z's must be entered correctly for this display to function properly.

A branch user logged in to see their account and was suddenly in the main library's WYLDCAT, and not at the branch library's anymore.
A user's environment in the online catalog is determined by user profile. Since many public libraries share user profiles amongst branches, the user will default to the environment for the main library once they have logged in. Creating separate user profiles for each branch creates more problems for circulation mapping, but libraries with very simple circulation maps may be able to have branch specific user profiles. Contact the WYLD Office to review your policies to see if this option will work for you.

Why do records for items available online show up when I limit my search to my library?
Some libraries are searching a group of libraries in their default search, even though the description may only indicate the specific library. Search options were set this way several years ago to ensure that records for items like Netlibrary eAudiobooks would be retrieved in searches without a user having to select "All Libraries" or electronic resources specifically for their search. If you are not retrieving results from the libraries that you expect, please contact the WYLD Office.

What records for additional resources are in the database?
See Technote 22 for more information about additional MARC records in WYLDCAT.


Is there another format for emailing records, each record has more information than I need.
To change the format in which you output records for printing or emailing, you can select a different view of records on the 'My List' screen.

When I look at the bestseller list, our library is not listed as having any copies of a title, but we own it.
The bestseller list display summarizes the available copies in the hitlist display. Available is the keyword. If all your library's copies of a bestseller (or any of the recommended reading lists) are checked out or unavailable for other reasons, then your library will not be listed in the summary on the hitlist.

I found a title where the book jacket cover and review was for a different book. Or I found a title where the content contained errors of some kind.
The additional content in iBistro is streamed in from the third party vendor, Syndetics, and is matched to the ISBN on the MARC record. Contact the WYLD Office so that we can open a help desk call with SIRSI to contact Syndetics to correct errors.

Where are the entries coming from for 'find more on these topics'
More on these topics are keyword searches based on the subject entries in the MARC record of the retrieved item. Depending on the specificity of those subject entries, clicking on this link may expand or limit your search.

Searching (see also Tips for Searching WYLDCat and Technote 017 for advanced searching)

I can't find a title I know we own.

  • Make sure that the item in question has not been shadowed at any level by searching for it in WorkFlows and checking the shadow levels. If anyone in the system has shadowed the title, you will not be able to see it in WYLDCAT even if your own copy is not shadowed.
  • Make sure the item is not checked out to a shadowed location.
  • Check your searching strategy. E.g. If you are using 'exact', switch to keyword.
  • If you are still unable to find the item, contact the WYLD Office.

I clicked on 'more by this author' and found more titles by authors with similar names, but not the same author.
When using the 'more by this author' button or clicking on the hyperlink for the author's name in the full details, be aware that this is not a search of authority records. If the author's name is common you will find other authors in your results set as the search is only looking at the words in the author's name, such as John Smith. Essentially, it is doing a keyword author search.

How do I search one word titles.
Select the 'exact' radio button on the main search screen to search for one-word titles such as Stephen King's "It" or titles that begin with boolean operators such as 'And the Sea Will Tell'. If your library has chosen not to display the 'exact' radion button on the first search screen, you will need to use the Advanced Search feature of WYLDCat and select match on 'exact title' as the search qualifier. (see also Tips for Searching WYLDCat )

Patron Features

Are all patrons' PINs 'WYLD'?.
Most, but not all patron PINs are WYLD by default. If you would like to change the default PIN of newly registered patrons or modify the existing PINs of all your patrons, please contact the WYLD office. If you have a question about a patron PIN, use the user lookup wizard in WorkFlows, choose to modify the record and the click on the 'privilege' tab. You will see the patron's PIN listed there. If you need to change the PIN, remember that you will have to use the override password to do so.

What is 'Tell Me When'?.
The 'Tell Me When' feature requires running reports just like notices on a frequent basis to either generate an email or a paper notice to send out to users employing this feature of WYLDCAT. See Technote 89 for more information.

Where does the 'Change of Address' form go?
When a patron fills out this form, an email is sent to your library with the pertinent information. If you need to change the recipient of this form, please visit the WYLD Office technical support page and view policies information at http://will.state.wy.us/wyld/map/ and click on your library's information. Select the link labeled 'your library email address' to see who the current recipient is and request a change.

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