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WYLD TECHNOTE 107:Life Cycle of an Item - Reports to manage item data

Reports that should be run regularly to manage your items

Maintenance routines performed by the WYLD office include:

Life cycle of an Item: A narrative.

Sometimes on my journey through "checkout land" I am held captive by my borrower. My master informs my borrower of my tardiness and requests my return [Overdue report].  But sometimes my master has to get tough and issue a final warning [Assumed lost report] or Master can mark me lost [Mark item lost wizard].  Sometimes I return, other times my borrower suggests my master is mistaken [User claims returned wizard]. Eventually my master must assume the worst (that I am never coming back) and perform the Maktah ritual of cleansing [Longoverdue report], my borrower is not forgiven but I am freed to continue my journey to the Promised land. There are other times in my life that my master looks for me ( e.g. inventory) but cannot find me and brands me with rogue status [Mark item missing wizard].

It is hoped that I will live a long and useful life, giving much joy to the Blessed Borrower, but as with all living things there comes a time when I must return to the Maker. Sometimes my master knows when this time is and removes me from my place among my siblings and prepares me for the Final Journey [Delete Title, Call Numbers or Items wizard]. But there are times when I spend long periods in the land of limbo, sent there by the Lost, Missing, and Claims returned demons. My master must do extra work to prevent my stay in Limbo from being permanent [missing list,lost list and the like].

There are also times in my life when borrowers want me so badly that they stand in line to get me [Place hold wizard].  Sometimes this line can get so long that some borrowers are turned away.  My master should be diligent in monitoring this situation [Purchase alert report], not keeping me on the Hold shelf longer than allowed [Expire holds report, Clean hold shelf report] and let my next borrower have a shot at me. My master should also run reports to list the expired holds, and keep on top of the Borrowers desire to obtain me in the most expedient manner.