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WYLD TECHNOTE 018: Find Full Text link in WYLDCAT

An optional service is available to libraries to provide a link to full text coverage tracked by Serials Solutions from the online public catalog. Libraries may opt out of this service by notifying the WYLD Office at wyldstaff @ will.state.wy.us

Part I

One part of the service is to provide a link to Serials Solutions from the main (or home) search screen and the full details record in WYLDCAT. This link sends no data and simply opens a new window with the Serials Solutions website.

Fig. 1: links to Serials Solutions (Journal lookup) from search/home & full details screen


Part II

The second part of the service uses ISSN data from a retrieved record to send a search to the Serials Solutions eJournal Portal in a new window. This window will then display what, if any, full text coverage is available for that ISSN in the databases tracked by Serials Solutions service.
*note - an ISSN must be present on the record for this link to appear.

Fig. 2 - Journal Linker full text link on the full details screen


Fig. 3 - Text in window that opens to eJournal portal


Fig. 4 - The resulting window after clicking on the Academic OneFile link


Fig. 5 - In the example below (Gale's Academic OneFile) clicking on the link to the journal title in the citation takes the user to a publication index page that shows a browse list of available issues.

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