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WYLD TECHNOTE 014: Using Director's Station to Gather Statistics for ACRL FY Reporting

Note that ILL statistics for questions 35 and 36 in the questionnaire can be retrieved through VDX using the Monthly ILL Statistics report. You can copy and paste the information into a spreadsheet to summarize the data.

Volumes held

While you can use Director's station to find out total volumes held as of a certain date, volumes withdrawn can only be roughly inferred from the data. The most accurate way to determine number of items withdrawn is to use the 'Remove Discard Items' report in Workflows to remove items whose home location is set to 'DISCARD'. Then you would keep a manual count of the items removed each month.

ACRL Instructions for this category state: "Exclude microforms, maps, nonprint materials, and uncataloged items." However, you will need these counts to answer other questions in the survey, so it is easiest to include them in your general report and then remove them later when you are summarizing the data in Excel or another spreadsheet program.

For the following series of questions:

1a. Volumes held (on June 30, previous year): __________
1b. Volumes added during the year
(i) Volumes added Gross__________
(ii) Volumes withdrawn during previous year- _________
(Net Volumes Added: 1.b.i 1.b.ii)= ________
1 Volumes held (as of June 30, reporting year): 1.a + 1.b)__________

Log in to Director's Station (use Internet Explorer for best results) - http://ds.lib.wy.us/directorsstation/

Use the left hand popout menu to navigate to:

Collection Analysis
  >Technical Services Analysis
      >All Cataloging Measures
popout menu

Editing the Standard Report Criteria

Saving and Exporting the report to Excel




  • Click on the menu button at the top left of the report to choose the export option.
  • You will see a windows dialog open asking whether you want to save or open the file
  • The report, as you see it on the screen, will be saved as a csv file (comma separated format) which can be further manipulated in Excel

Number of monographic volumes purchased

While this cannot value be accurately determined by Directors Station (because materials may have been purchased and removed during the year), you can see the number of materials ADDED that are still in your collection using the above report and viewing the rows for item type BOOK, NEW-BOOK, etc. depending on the variety of ways you catalog monographic materials. Volumes purchased may not necessarily equal volumes added during a particular time period.

Other Library Materials & Audiovisual Materials

The above report should also answer these question, depending on your local cataloging practices.

  1. Microform units
  2. Government documents not counted elsewhere
  3. Computer files
  4. Manuscripts and archives
  5. Cartographic
  6. Graphic
  7. Audio
  8. Film and Video

Circulation (total) for FY

You will need to create a new report to answer the following questions:

33. Initial Circulation Transactions
34. Total Circulation Transactions
  1. Use the left hand popout menu in Director's Station to navigate to:
    Collection Analysis
      >Public Services Analysis
          >All Checkout Measures (Historical)
    popout menu
  2. Swap the Station Library measure with the FY Jan Dec measure by dragging and dropping the FY Jan Dec measure to hover over Station Library until the angled swap arrows appear. Let go of the mouse button to complete the action.
  3. Select your library in the Station Library measure in the measures pool. (this is the library where the transactions occured). As above, uncheck the box for 'all' and then check the box next to your library policy name. Click 'OK'.
  4. Modify the Transaction Dates to select only the Fiscal Year quarters that you need. Note that this example uses the FY Jan Dec to avoid the confusion often caused by selecting a different FY range from the measures pool.
    For data only from the previous Fiscal Year (July 2010 to June 2011 in this example):
    • Click on the FY Jan Dec measure
    • Click on Filter FY Jan Dec...
    • Collapse the selection tree so that you only see the box for 'All' by clicking on the blue minus sign.
    • Uncheck the box to uncheck all boxes below it
    • Expand the selections again by clicking on the blue plus sign
    • Now select only those quarters you want to count in the report
    • In this example, that is Quarter 3 and 4 from 2010 and Quarter 1 and 2 from 2011
    • Click 'OK' to refresh the report data

  5. In the resulting report Total Circulation includes charges, reserve checkouts and renewals, patron and staff renewals, and 'use item', which is logged when the 'mark item used' wizard is clicked. If you do not want to include the reserves transactions in your counts, you should edit your Excel report to exclude them.

  6. Save and/or export the report as described above.

If you save your report in Director's Station, you will only need to adjust the dates for the following years reports!

revised February 2012