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WYLD TECHNOTE 001: Access to Other Resources

general information | remote access help

For database access from home, office, or anywhere outside the library or school building

  1. Connect to http://gowyld.net/ for a list of the resources available statewide.
  2. Alternatively, click on the link 'Research & Discovery' from WYLDCAT.
  3. Browse resources by topic, title, or search for articles using the search forms on the main page
  4. Note that some resources are not available for remote access.
  5. Type in your WYLD library card and PIN when prompted.
    If you do not know your PIN, and your email address is correct on your library record, you can have your PIN emailed to you with this form. If you do not know your library card or have other questions, please contact your local library.
  6. Links to the resources will open a new browser window.
  7. If you experience a loop where you are asked over and over again for your library card, please see the troubleshooting directions below.
  8. If you encounter a Gale Infotrac login screen, please use the link labeled 'alternate link' on the GoWYLD listing for that database
  9. For more information, visit the how to use this site link in GoWYLD.

Having Problems? Home users with virus protection or other Internet security software will need to configure their programs to pass referrer information to specific web pages.

Add these sites as 'safe' in your security software: wyld.state.wy.us, ez.lib.wy.us, and proxy.lib.wy.us

You should also make sure that your web browser's security is set to allow cookies.

How to fix Norton Internet Security - earlier versions  


Please email Desiree Saunders at the WYLD office at the State Library if you have any questions regarding access to these databases - desiree.saunders @ wyo.gov. Under our consortia arrangements for these products, vendors prefer that questions come to the State Library rather than directly to the vendors from all of the many member libraries. Desiree can be contacted at 307/777-6258 or 1-800-264-1281, Choose 1 to continue, 2 for the WYLD Office, then 4 for Desiree's extension.

AUTHENTICATED ACCESS from a Library or Wyoming educational Institution

The Wyoming State Library has licensing agreements to enable access to most of the databases listed at Gowyld.net for all Wyoming libraries (including schools) and by any Wyoming resident. Most vendors base authentication on IP addresses to verify that a user is within Wyoming or affiliated with a Wyoming institution.

Any institution which can provide a range of static IP addresses will be able to access the databases without further authentication. To submit additional addresses to each vendor, please contact Desiree Saunders at the Wyoming State Library: desiree.saunders @ wyo.gov, (307) 777-6258 or 1-800-264-1281, Choose 1 to continue, 2 for the WYLD Office, then 4 for Desiree's extension.


Staff may also benefit from attending a training session in the use of these and other Internet resources. State Library staff are available to provide training sessions in using these tools. Additional information about training can be obtained by contacting Chris Van Burgh, Outreach Librarian at the State Library by email, chris.vanburgh @ wyo.gov or phone, (307) 777-3642. View recorded webinars for databases at http://will.state.wy.us/ldo/webinararchive.html


technote 001 - june 2011