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Gale PowerSearch inflates numbers of searches and sessions.

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Fiscal Year : FY16 (fytd) | FY15 | FY14 | FY13

Calendar Year :   2015 | 2014 | 2013

Usage Summary / All libraries

Year Sessions Searches Full Text Retrievals
2015 257,945 533,062 286,461
2014 216,742 592,938 213,176
2013 358,380 773,087 2,016,164
2012 450,789 977,771 1,173,739
2011 540,385 938,228 1,257,919


Gale Statistics Glossary

Sessions: Cycle of user activities that starts when a user connects to a database and ends by connecting to another database or leaving the service through a logout or timeout due to user inactivity.

Searches: A specific intellectual query submitted through a search form to the database.

Retrievals: Sum of all full text abstract and extended citation records examined downloaded or otherwise supplied to user to the extent these are recordable and controlled by the Gale server rather than the browser.

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