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WYLD Portal Committee


The public interface [a.k.a. "portal"] committee has one of the most important tasks in WYLD.

Wyoming residents have access to a myriad of resources from library catalogs, licensed electronic resources, digital collections, web pages, etc. Designing an interface that emphasizes awareness, maximizes discovery and ensures relevance for a range of users from elementary school students to sophisticated researchers is a huge challenge. The committee must also acknowledge that many users only want to know if their library has a particular item and if that item is available.

Among the issues to be considered:

  • Who are our users?
  • How do they seek information?
  • What do we include? Should we incorporate public social media?
  • How do we insure accessibility for users with disabilities?
  • How do we test for ease of use?
  • Are there implications for training library staff and the public?

Related Documents

  • WYLD Visioning Document - April 2009
  • The web services steering committee of the University of Minnesota libraries recently identified five trends that are relevant to the development of interfaces http://conservancy.umn.edu/bitstream/48258/3/DiscoverabilityPhase1Report.pdf (February, 2009):
    1. Users are discovering relevant resources outside traditional library systems.
    2. Users expect discovery and delivery to coincide.
    3. Usage of portable Internet-capable devices is expanding.
    4. Discovery increasingly happens through recommending.
    5. Users increasingly rely on emerging nontraditional information objects.
  • Although somewhat dated, an article in Educause Quarterly (2001) discusses factors and decisions influencing interface development. http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/eqm0134.pdf

Committee Members

  • Brian Greene - brian.greene@wyo.gov; WYLD Support Team - Wyoming State Library Interim Chair
  • Casey Debus - Casey.Debus@ewc.wy.edu; Eastern Wyoming College
  • Jamie Kearley - jkearley@uwyo.edu; University of Wyoming
  • Cindy Moore - cmoore@sweetwaterlibraries.com; Sweetwater County
  • Desiree Saunders - des@will.state.wy.us; Wyoming State Library, WYLD Support Team
  • Elizabeth Thorson - ethorson@lclsonline.org; Laramie County Library System
  • Byron Tomingas - btomingas@tclib.org; Teton County Library


Current Work
  • PowerPoint for WLA
  • Related Article: "Web-Scale Discovery: A Review of Summon, EBSCO Discovery Service, and WorldCat Local". Rowe, Ronda. The Charleston Advisor , Volume 12, Number 1, July 2010 , pp. 5-10(6)
  • Committee presentation at WLA, Casper WY, September 30th 2010
  • Ongoing product reviews with vendors in fall of 2010
  • Minutes and other documents will be shared via Google Docs among committee members