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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

Conference call - 1:30

October 25, 2006

Present: Dale Collum, Brian Greene, Lesley Boughton, Mary Jayne Jordan, Karen Lange, Katie Jones, and Marci Mock

Absent: Patty Myers, Jill Rourke, Becky Hawkins, and Greg Ebare.

WYLD President Dale Collum called the meeting to order at 1:40 p.m.

Motion was made by Marci Mock to approve the May 31, 2006 minutes; Karen Lange seconded. Motion passed. The agenda was also approved by unanimous motion.

  1. Annual Meeting:
    A firm invitation from Goshen County and Eastern Wyoming College has been offered to host the 2007 Annual WYLD Meeting. Karen Lange moved that Goshen County and EWC host the 2007 Annual Meeting; Mary Jayne Jordan seconded and motion passed.
  2. WYLD Patron Database Committee
    The WYLD Patron Database Committee has been formed. Kashawna White (LCLS), Peg Parkison (SHRC), Richard Ward (CAMP), Ann Marie Ross (CARB), Marci Mock (SHER), Marc Stratton (WYLD) and Desiree Saunders (WYLD) have agreed to work on this ad hoc committee. The committee will look at the current WYLD Library Card Policy and see if the policy works or is a barrier for patrons. Email distribution list has already been formed.
  3. Training Committee
    The training committee has a new chair with Susan Simpson. The Oct 18th Minutes have been posted to the WYLD website: The committee has assigned each member an area of Workflows and iBistro to “review, assess, revise and market the skills checklists.”
  4. WYLD Portal Study Group
    Lesley Boughton and Brian Greene discussed the development of this study group and the myriad of concepts this group will attempt to bring together as a portal. This group would consist of people from various libraries in the state. The group will look at how to simplify the user interface with some user input. Another effort by the group will look at how we can bring our various information resources into a more versatile but easier-to-use order or portal that enriches the information-seeking behavior and information retrieval of all users.
  5. Regional Training
    The State Auditor was very critical about how funds were shared throughout the WYLD Regions so the previous system of funding for training Region by Region has been taken away. The Training Committee will be charged to combine Regional training with the new focus of the WYLD Skills Checklists.
  6. WYLD Report (Brian Greene)
    Brian Greene’s report was submitted and has been posted to the WYLD Office Reports: Brian highlighted specifics in the report.
    1. Leader Alert
      Brian asked that the Governing Board make a motion for the WYLD Network to make monies available to register and license the Leader Alert Product. Leader Alert will facilitate communication from the WYLD Office to the network in the event we lose access to email services. Mary Jayne Jordan moved; and Karen Lange seconded. Motion passed.
    2. Next Unicorn Upgrade
      WYLD recommends the GL3.1 Upgrade for New Years weekend (12/31/06-1/01/07). This time period will have little impact because libraries will continue to use the regular WorkFlows client, i.e., the C Client. At a later date, libraries will be invited to voluntarily consider use of the Java WorkFlows client.
    3. VDX
      Marc and Trish are evaluating 3.0 version. No date set for upgrade, the VDX servers will get an OS upgrade. No down time expected.
    4. Authorities Processing
      May 2005 was the last time Authorities processing was done. It takes 2-3 days. We are overdue. Fees are being determined. Since the last processing about 100,000 records have been edited or added.
    5. WYLD Job
      Brian sent clarification of email about Trish’s roles with WYLD Office and State Library. The job will be open till filled.
    6. SIRSI/DYNIX Superconference
      The SuperConference will be Feb. 18-21, 2007 in Colorado Springs. Early registration starts Nov. 1, 2006. Contact Brian for the Network’s UUGI membership number for registration discount. Marc and Des will be doing a Director’s Station presentation for multitype consortia at the conference.
    7. Training Resource
      In November, the WYLD Office will be using MeetingBridge online training product to have 2 Director’s Station training sessions. The old product WebDemo has changed companies. Besides MeetingBridge other products are being evaluated also.
    8. Planning Calendar
      Please remember to use the State Library Planning Calendar. See If you need assistance contact Brian or Desiree in the WYLD Office.
  7. Other Business
    Thank you’s to the hosts of the 2006 WYLD Annual Meeting in Sundance. Mary Jayne Jordan thanked WYLD for having the meeting in Sundance and for the positive experience of hosting. Patty Myers, Brian Greene and Dale Collum will get together with Marilyn Miller and Isabel Hoy and plan the date for 2007 WYLD Annual Meeting at Eastern Wyoming College.

Meeting Adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marci Mock