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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

May 9, 2006

Present: Mary Jayne, Patty, Dale, Lesley, Brian, Paul, Karen, Greg
The meeting started promptly at 4:00 pm.

Annual Meeting Budget: Paul broke down the costs of this year’s annual meeting.
$1640 for meals and breaks (app. 120 people)
$250 for maintenance during conference
$100 for printing
$130 for room fees
$200 contingency
Total Cost for this year’s meeting: $2,320.00
* There was a little extra money this year due to the free/ low cost of the meeting space.

Patty moved to approve the budget and Karen seconded. The motion was unanimously approved. At the upcoming meeting, fees for next year, the future of the WYLD network, and committee appointments will be discussed.

WYLD Network Fees:

The fees committee has made recommendations for the next two years. They have recommended that we continue with the same fee structure. The only major change was to reduce the annual fee for the next two years to $150.00 per institution. This would be down from $450.00 per institution. The fee reduction would most likely be temporary. There was some concern voiced over the reduction in fees. A brief explanation of what these fees pay for was given. In general these fees cover annual meeting expenses and travel cost for officers to attend annual SIRSI meetings. The committee will look at the network fees again at the annual meeting. Members were encouraged to think about any repercussions that might arise from lowering the annual fee. Patty motioned to approve the budget as recommended with the exception of the fee reduction which will be re- discussed at the annual meeting. Mary Jayne seconded. The motion was approved.

Future of WYLD Network:

Should there be a separate entity that solely concentrates on the statewide integrated system? Could the regional council be incorporated into the Resource Sharing committee? There will be a larger discussion of these issues at the annual meeting. Members were encouraged to look over these points of discussion which will be addressed on May 31 @ 7 pm at the Crook County Library.

Brian: Committee membership:

As e-content becomes more prevalent in WYLD libraries, it is important that we stay grounded in these issues. Brian stressed the importance of balance on the Online Quality Committee. It is important to have people who understand the Tech side as well as people who understand the Public services side. There are currently openings on the Online Quality Committee for Regions 1 and 4. Dale will send out a list of documents that will help this discussion prior to the annual meeting.

Karen moved to adjourn, and Mary Jayne seconded. The meeting was adjourned @ approximately 5:00 pm.