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annual meeting

WYLD Governing Board
Annual Report

WYLD, a consortium, is easy to compare to a $558,000 corporation with similar duties and responsibilities. We have a governing board, employees, a signed contract. The most obvious difference is our role as stakeholder, rather than stockholder. We are not looking for profit. We are looking for due diligence in making the consortium work effectively. It is our responsibility to be good neighbors, good partners, good participants in WYLD activities.

This year we have outstanding examples of “good “:
Mary Jayne Jordan who re-activated the Regional Council;
Susan Simpson and the Training Committee;
Marci Mock and the ad hoc Patron Database Committee;
Brenda McGinnis and the Fees/Budget Committee;
and our hosts from the Johnson County Public Library.
All these participants have made an extra effort to make WYLD work up to its potential. Thank you.

Every year we need to remember and thank the WYLD team at the the State Library who have the burden of equipment, programs, training, funding, and vision for the intrastate consortium.

According to our bylaws, the Governing Board is required to meet four times per year, and we did. The minutes are posted. All of the committees renewed their efforts to post their meeting reports. Thank you all.

In the coming year our focus will be on the Strategic Plan under the leadership of Lucie Osborn. I would like to encourage more random attendance of the SIRSI/DYNIX SuperConference by WYLD members.

Altogether, the business of the consortium has been dealt with in a responsible and timely manner. Congratulations to you all. And my thanks to you all.

Patty Myers