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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

May 6, 2009, 9:30 a.m Telephone conference

Present: Patty Myers, Mary Jayne Jordan, Susan Richards, Sally Hoover, Kashawna White, Stephen Sarazin, Deb Sturman, Lesley Boughton, Brian Greene

Strategic Plan: Board members had an opportunity to previously review the Strategic Plan date April 2009. Deb made a motion to accept the plan as presented: Kashawna seconded, and the motion was approved.

WYLD Name: After several months of discussion by the planning committee and the WYLD boards, Susan made the motion to change the name to WYLDCat Members and to correct the Strategic Plan to meet the name change. Mary Jane seconded the motion. In a discussion for clarification, Lesley confirmed that the name WYLD will continued to be used as a statewide brand, and WYLDCat Members will not infringe on that. She also confirmed it will not interfer with the WYLD Network contracts which are currently in place nor the July 2010 contracts. The motion was approved.

Annual Meeting: Brian discussed briefly the intention of the workshop schedule as he had sent to WYLD News, a full session in the morning and hands on training in the afternoon. He is working with the Dubois library staff about the details.

Election: Julie Farr is the nominations chair working toward the annual election. Susan, Sally, Stephen, and Deb are all up for re-election or to move up to vp.

State News: Lesley reported good news for the WYLD office. In spite of the 5% then 10% cuts in state government cost cutting, there will be no cuts for WYLD. She credits Mike McVey with understanding the importance of connectivity for Wyoming libraries. The two frozen positions at the State Library will be covered by current personnel shifting duties. Stimulus funding will include broad band infrastructure in the state, and libraries will be included in that process.

Other: The parapro meeting on June 5 at Casper College was mentioned as an outstanding opportunity for keeping up with the times.

The next meeting will be Wednesday evening, June 10, Dubois.
With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

Notes from Patty