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WYLD NETWORK Governing Board

April 25, 2008

WYLD Governing Board
Meeting - April 25th, 2008
Telephone conference

Present: Patty Myers, Mary Jayne Jordan, Sally Hoover, Marci Mock, Stephen Sarazin, Deb Sturman, Katie Jones, Brian Greene, Proxy Karen Lange for Susan Richards, Brenda McGinnis, WYLD Fees/Budget Committee Chair
NOT ABLE TO BE ON CALL: Lesley Boughton

Approve WYLD Fees
Brenda McGinnis reported that the WYLD Fees/Budget committee was not ready to forward a recommendation of the proposed WYLD budget to the Governing Board. On April 24, the committee forwarded the proposed budget to all WYLD library directors for review and comment. The directors have until 5 pm on May 5 to respond to their region rep. on the committee. After that date, the committee will complete a recommendation to the Governing Board by its May 13 meeting. Patty thought the time line was fine.

Approve Annual Meeting budget
Mary Jayne Jordan had presented the Meeting budget. Marci Mock made the motion to accept the proposed Annual Meeting budget with a registration fee of $20 per person was passed unanimously. The motion was seconded by Karen Lange, and the motion passed. Board was also open to compensating non-WYLD Office presenters (up to three) with paid hotel and registration

Tentative planning for Training at Annual Meeting
Training content suggested for WYLD Annual training by Mary Jayne and Brian
Session(s) on Acquisitions with the Java WF client and features in Symphony 3.2
Session(s) on (Copy) Cataloging with the Java WF client
Session(s) on use of Director's Station to examine/implement one's library policies
Session(s) on the top five features of Symphony 3.2 in the major function areas of Unicorn
Session(s) on "Library Hacks" sharing - useful things that improve your OPAC or library services
Session(s) or report on the Skills Competencies checklist - WYLD Training Committee
Session(s) or report on the recommendations of the WYLD Patron Ad Hoc Committee
Session(s) or report on Health of SirsiDynix, Unicorn GL 3.1 to Symphony 3.2, and iBlink to Enterprise \Session(s) or report on 360 Search
Session(s) or report on Telecommunications 101 and telecom. survey of WYLD libraries
Session(s) or report on VDX developments
Report on barcode validation issues and move to decision
Session(s) or report on SD Unicorn and Open Source software developments.

Strategic Planning ad hoc committee -- so far
Lucie Osborn has agreed to chair this committee. The committee probably convene late summer or fall and plan to be done by January, 2009. Other members named for this committee are: Karen Lange to represent the Academic WYLD community; Dale Collum for Region 6, Katie Jones, Special Libraries; Brian Greene, WYLD Office, rep.

Other Committee reports -- if any
Nominating Committee will be getting in gear soon.
Patron Ad Hoc Committee - Marci Mock mentioned that final recommendations could be done by May 13. She will be reviewing these recommendations with WYLD members at the WYLD Annual meeting.

Next Governing Board meeting - Tuesday, May 13, 8:15 am via conference call. It will immediately precede WYLD Regional Council meeting - Tuesday, May 13, 10am via conference call

Meeting adjourned at 9 am.
Recorded by Brian and Patty