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Submitting grants under the WYLD Foundation

Background: The WYLD Foundation Board (soon to be the Wyoming Libraries Foundation Board) has found it necessary to develop guidelines for libraries and library groups seeking to use the Foundation as the conduit for applications that benefit the library association, library groups or other entities. This is necessary as the Foundation Board is responsible for all funds within the Foundation, has responsibility for maintaining the 501(c)3 status with the Internal Revenue Service, and is the responsible entity looked to for reporting project results and documenting all fund activity to the IRS through the 990 annual report.

The Foundation does not seek to be restrictive in its support, but must determine if and when its status with the Wyoming Community Foundation or other funding sources is such that multiple projects under its name are appropriate and if additional applications may be submitted under its name while existing projects are already in progress.

  1. At least 10 days prior to the regular meeting of the Foundation, the group or library seeking to use the Foundation as their grant receiving organization, must submit a request in writing containing the following information:
    • Project title and description
    • Submitting library or group
    • Amount being requested
    • Project manager
    • Project start and end dates
    • Project outcomes
    • Funding agency
    The preferred mode of submission is via email. Projects submitted to the Foundation Chair less than 10 days prior to the regular Board meeting may or may not be considered by the Foundation Board.
  2. The Foundation Chair shall notify the library or library group of its determination within -5- business days following the meeting.
  3. The complete grant application must be submitted to the Foundation Chair for review prior to submission to the funding agency.
  4. The Foundation Chair is the appropriate signature for the application and the contact for award notification.
  5. The Foundation Chair will notify the project manager of the award notification.
  6. The Foundation Chair will submit any award check to the Foundation agent for deposit into its appropriate sub-account.
  7. All invoices to be paid with grant monies shall be submitted to the Foundation agent for payment.
  8. The Foundation agent will debit from the appropriate sub-account amounts due on invoices.
  9. The Project Manager will notify the Foundation Chair of any conditions that may accelerate or delay the completion of the project.
  10. The Project Manager will notify the Foundation Chair when the project is completed.
  11. The Project Manager and Foundation agent will prepare the project final report as required by the granting source. The Foundation Chair will provide signature to the final report on Foundation letterhead.
  12. The Foundation Board reserves the right to refuse deposit of any grant funds to its accounts for projects not authorized through this process.

(adopted 02/11/04)