Patron Database Committee

Patron Database Committee
Final Recommendations pt. 2

After having successfully achieved the first part of our charge, the WYLD Patron Database committee considered these last issues.

  1. Debt Collection: Those libraries that use debt collection rely on the Patron Notes field. It is imperative that the Notes Field be checked and if there is a reference to Debt Collection or Collection Agency, the originating library must be contacted for further clarification and information.
  2. Patron Pickup Locations in iBistro: The original question was how a patron can place a request at their home library but wants to pickup the item from a library outside their county. This situation can be resolved with additional pickup locations added to the patron pickup options. A mutual agreement between the two libraries must be reached and then the WYLD Office needs to be notified of the additions.
  3. Underused parts of Workflows: Email Reminders, Email Notices, PayPal, and Bills Processing. Technote 107 was created to explain the life cycle of an item. The information included explains Circulation Reports that manage holds and charged items and Bibliographic Reports that manage missing, lost and discards. The technote also includes routine maintenance performed by the WYLD Office concerning paid bill records and holds.
  4. Overlay issues: The committee had added a section to the WYLD Card Policy concerning “taking ownership” or overlaying of a patron’s record. A newly written WYLD Card Policy Draft is linked at the end of this document under “Documents Cited.”. Section 3 of the proposed policy would now read:

    When taking ownership (overlaying) of another library’s patron record, it is critical that both the patron profile and library profile information be updated to reflect the new library’s policies. Profile information not used by the new library must be deleted from the previous library’s profile. Not attending to these changes will result in incorrect and misleading statistical information.

    1. Basic Tab: Be sure to change Library and Profile name to your library. Please delete any information in the Alt-ID and Group ID that your library does not use.
    2. Demographics Tab: User Cat 1-5 should have only information your library uses. Please delete any information your library does not use.
  5. Patron notification via text messaging: This option is not currently supported by SIRSI and therefore not available. There is however a vendor who is currently in contact with the WYLD Office for this option to work with the SIRSI product.
  6. Purging Missing Items: All libraries use the same Missing Patron. This shared patron is limited to only 25,000 checkouts for approximately 110 libraries, only 227 items per library. Currently, the number of checkouts is very close to the maximum possible for this user. The committee recommends that libraries retain missing items for maximum of 3 years. After the 3 years, contact the WYLD Office for options on maintenance or removal of these missing items.
  7. Special Libraries: It had come to the committee’s attention that “special libraries” were not included in the WYLD Card Policy. The proposed changes are in the WYLD Card Policy Draft:

    Section #2:

    "…it is assumed that a patron may have multiple library cards to match multiple affiliations – e.g. a public library card from his or her home county, a college library card if taking college classes, a school library card if in high school, a special library card."

    Section #12:

    Academic, and school and special libraries will follow their own policies for recovering materials.

Document Cited: WYLD Card Policy:
Proposed WYLD Card Policy:

Respectfully submitted:
WYLD Patron Database Committee
Peg Parkison—Sheridan College Library
Ann Marie Ross—Carbon County Library
Richard Ward—Campbell County Library
Kashawna White—Laramie County Library
Desiree Saunders—WYLD Office Liason
Marc Stratton—WYLD Office Liason
Marci Mock—Sheridan County Library