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Members:     [ Mailing List: training @ will.state.wy.us ]

Chair (& Region 4) - Deb Sturman (2018) - dsturman@niobraracountylibrary.org
Region 1 - Anna Smedts (2018) - asmedts@fclsonline.org
Region 2 - Christine Greenfield (2018) - christina.greenfield@bighorncountywy.gov
Region 3 - Hampton, Sheryll (2018) - shampton@sheridan.edu
Region 5 - Elaine Hayes (2018) - ehayes@lclsonline.org
Region 6 - Fern Stringham (2018) - fstringh@wwcc.wy.edu
WSL Liaison - Brian Greene - brian.greene@wyo.gov

Committee Documents: Skills Checklists


About this Committee:

TRAINING COMMITTEE: The committee, in collaboration with the ILS Support Team of the WSL, is responsible for updating the skills competencies on the ILS Users Group members pages, establishing a training needs assessment process, and planning and implementing training in the regions (see addendum) and for the ILS Users Group annual meeting. ILS Users Group members are responsible for communicating their needs to the committee.

Composition: A representative from each region appointed by the President and a representative, appointed by the State Librarian, from the WSL.

Bylaws § I.O.2 - June 2015