Training Committee
annual meeting


The WYLD Training Committee was pleased to see WYLD Support Team members out in the state meeting WYLD users face to face. We hope this pilot program continues with a firm commitment from the WYLD Users.

The major focus this year was the glossary, an alphabetical listing of terms useful to Wyoming library people--new staff, staff in new positions, and board members. It is intended to be descriptive and system wide, identifying contemporary technology and WYLD IT related. You won't find corporate author defined here, but you will find names of processes, concepts. Some historical terms did creep in. We hope you will make it a shortcut on your desk top. We intended to make it searchable, useful, and current. There is a form for reporting issues, errors, and omissions. We learned a lot while we worked on it and think you will too.

The committee also created E-Contents Help on its wiki: to share information developed locally:

Committee Members
Chair (& Region V) - Susan Simpson (2012)
Region I - Sukey Hohl (2012)
Region II - Edie Phillips (2011)
Region III - Sara Kuhbacher (2011)
Region IV - Deb Sturman (2012)
Region VI - Leslie Carlson (2013)
WSL Liaison - Brian Greene

Training Committee