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Date Request Requestor Decision Rationale Followup
11/20/2008 Discuss grouping item types for advanced searching. (WYLDCAT) The committee Approved It was thought to benefit many patrons to be able to search for like item types using one search feature. The committee grouped many item types together and the result was incorporated into the advanced search mechanism.
9/24/2008 Review of location policies that might be combined. The committee Approved Some location codes have little usage and can be combined with similar named codes. Email survey resulted in the elimination of location codes basement, historical, info desk, and learning center.
6/19/2008 Review of item type policies for Audiobooks to determine merging or using a generic type. Susan Stanton (NATR) Not approved Different types of audiobooks need an item type that will describe all of them. Email survey results indicated an unwillingness to consolidate the different types of audiobooks.
6/19/2008 New item type "SPECIAL" Coralina Daly (CWC) Approved A new item type was needed for a collection of books that will have a different fine structure that "Book" An email survey was sent out to WYLD members with positive results.
6/19/2008 Change item type "ILL-Book" to "ILL" Trish Palluck Approved The item type encompasses all types of material.
03/5/2008 Committee members contacted libraries with serial holdings over the recommended 60 items Bobbi Thorpe Approved Some libraries are not following the guidelines regarding the 60 item limit. Personal contact was thought to be beneficial.
01/16/2008 Add 161 Oxford Reference database records to WYLDCat. Community College Libraries On hold The records in the database are linked to ebooks. Hold was placed on this project until the rest of the cc libraries have their own proxy servers.
10/24/2007 Implement a survey regarding the use and placement of Article Linker on libraries WYLDCat web pages. The committee Approved Several options are available for placement on the WYLDCat pages and feedback was needed from libraries regarding their needs. Des Saunders devised the survey and implemented libraries decisions.
10/24/2007 Review of Cataloging Skills Checklist. Beth Floyd, Training Committee Approved Committee approval was needed for this checklist. The Committee made some changes and the checklist was forwarded to the Training Committee.
05/02/2007 Add 3 new locations, First Floor, Second Floor, Third Floor Carey Hartmann (LCLS) Approved Laramie County Library System is moving into a new building and patrons would benefit from clearly defined location codes for the material.
12/14/2006 Consider merging item types "2HRINLIB" with "2HRLOAN" Des Saunders Approved The two item types function the same with a slightly different description. One uses In Library Use only and the other doesn't. A survey was done of libraries that use the two item types. The only problem was the description. Decision was made to use the "in library use only" description and all libraries were in aggreement.
12/14/2006 Suggest running a report of the libraries that have more than 60 issues attached to periodical titles. OQC Approved It has been a couple of years since this type of report has been run. The report was run and sent to designated people in each library.
11/1/2006 Consider restricting the use of enhanced contents notes when adding caption titles of illustrations. Carey Hartmann Denied The use of the enhanced contents notes allows for an increase in retrieval of unrelated titles. The committee decided that it was a matter of educating the public regarding false hits from keyword titles and that it happens in other instances as well. Lesley Boughton asked the committee to readdress this issue on 12/14/2006. The committee again discussed it and decided to retain the same decision and to not discuss again for another year if it was reintroduced. Beth received a letter from Lesley dated 4/4/2007 asking the committee to readdress the issue. Beth will approach the committee again in the Fall regarding this issue after appropriate research has been completed.
11/1/2006 Suggest adding ebook MARC records loaded into WYLD that were purchased by the academic libraries. Dale Collum Approved The committee recommended to Lesley to form another ER library in the state system to house the ebooks. Des said a lot of libraries would like a separate library from WYLD-ER because it pulls in government documents and other records. Decision was made by Lesley to not form another ER library and to load the records in with item records for each library. There was a problem with URLs for specific volumes but it was solved by listed one title and the URL directed to search all volumes of that title.
10/4/2006 Add a new Staff location that can be shadowed. Linda Nousianen Approved The current location of Admin is not shadowed so items still show up and even though they say Location STAFF created
10/4/2006 Review merging selected AV Juvenile item types Des Saunders No Changes Survey was sent out to network members and results indicated a number of libraries wish to retain the different item types.
04/27/2006 Update display of publication data on full details in WYLDCAT so that publisher, pagination, date and ISBN display on a single line or wrap to the second line (on full record display) D Saunders approved
04/27/2006 Add Audio E-Book Julie Farr died for lack of a motion Unnecessary since audio E-books will be in a separate database
04/27/2006 Add series statement immediately after the title on full details so it is consistent on the hit list D Saunders approved
03/30/2006 Reviewed all current item types bylaws call for annual review no changes
03/30/2006 Delay updating Database Guidelines Committee yes Update after planned upgrade to include new screen shots
03/30/2006 Approve configuration changes to show 440 and 490 in WYLDCAT hitlist D Saunders yes Helps patrons identify series numbers
03/30/2006 Add manuscript item type Karling Abernathy yes Useful term for some collections
02/23/2006 Reviewed all current locations bylaws call for annual review no changes
02/23/2006 Consider changing wording from "X copies available at" in full display and hit list since the items are not always identical copies Margaret Brenneman Changes "copies" to "items" A less specific term is more inclusive
02/23/2006 Consider password protecting the web page to stop spam to committee members. Committee no We want to encourage responses; passwords would discourage them.
02/23/2006 Make graphic novels display in volume order in call number
02/23/2006 Make graphic novels, particularly volumes/series, display in order with consistent info in MARC record Carey Hartmann
02/23/2006 Are graphic novels to be cataloged as serials or monographs? Bobbi monographs Patrons want summary and cover display.
01/19/2006 Mask column that displays copy number in WYLDCAT item display D Saunders relayed approved Serves no useful function, easily corrected
12/01/2005 Consider machine generated URL's Diane Martin local option cataloger can decide at time of adding record if to delete URL's or not
10/20/2005 Approve new serials display with date range Des Saunders approved More informative for patrons
10/20/2005 Committee members to review database guidelines 2.5 and TechNotes 95 and 104 for next meeting Susan Simpson trained catalogers merging duplicate records improves the database
10/20/2005 Ask Regional Council to put move to new Sirsi iBistro interface on agenda Came up during committee discussion approved Serials display customized for new page; inefficient to retrofit it
09/29/2005 Mask these ITEMTYPES in advanced search in WYLDCAT: 1DAYLOAN; 2DAYLOAN; 2HRINLIB; 2HRLOAN; 3DAYLOAN; CAMCORDER; CAMERA; CASSPLAYER; DISCARD; KEY; MICROPHONE; ONTHEFLY; PROJECTOR; SCREEN; UNKNOWN Des Saunders approved Will make advanced searching easier as fewer, less useful terms don't display
09/29/2005 Reverse RESERVRM decision Des Saunders approved With no RESERVRM, there may be less control over Holds, requiring overrides in Unicorn
08/29/2005 Add JSTOR holdings to database Sheridan College denied Precedent for all journals indexed in online databases to be in WYLDCAT? Maintenance an issue; there's another way
08/29/2005 Mask these item types for advanced search in public interface: UNKNOWN; WAVRC-AD; WAVEX-JU; WAVRC-YA Des Saunders approved Will make advanced searching easier to limit as reading level
08/29/2005 Asked Bobbi to add JSTOR discussion to database guidelines OLQ approved Would provide guidelines to members
08/29/2005 Asked Des to add JSTOR holdings information to WULP OLQ approved Would provide holdings information without requiring frequent updates to WYLD database
06/22/2005 Approve Indexing Subcommittee guidelines *505 subfield r (Contents note) – 505 subfield r (Contents note) – The committee recommends including subfield r of the 505 field in the keyword author index. This field will be author keyword indexed and general keyword indexed, not indexed in an author browse search. Approve Indexing Subcommittee guidelines *505 subfield r (Contents note) – 505 subfield r (Contents note) – The committee recommends including subfield r of the 505 field in the keyword author index. This field will be author keyword indexed and general keyword indexed, not indexed in an author browse search. *246 (Varying form of title) – The Indexing subcommittee recommends excluding subfield i in the browse index. Subfield i displays text indicating where the varying form of title came from. Example: |i At head of title: |a Daughters of the American Revolution. When a title browse search for “at . . .” is typed in one of the entries would be “at head of title daughters of the American”. Beth made a motion to exclude subfield i from the 245 browse index OLQ approved Would improve searching
04/28/2005 Reconsider keeping RESERVERM K. Carlson no Only one library is still using it.
03/28/2005 Forward list of remaining proposed item type changes to WYLD staff for action approved
03/28/2005 Remove LANGUAGE from list of proposed item type changes approved LANGUAGE is language tapes and libraries use a longer loan period for them.
03/28/2005 Forward revised database guidelines to RC and GB for their action approved They will be ready to distribute at the annual meeting
01/24/2005 Should summary holdings statement be limited to serials? na yes, for now Such statements disappear when nonserial items are merged unless the cataloger checks first.
01/19/2005 Mask copy info in WYLDCAT Request from end user approved item barcode provides copy specific info; hangover from other systems
12/09/2004 Reconsider indexing protocol Beth Floyd Sub- committee will make recommendations
2/12/2004 Add item type JUVCD SWTR approved Allows for fine free status and statistical tracking
2/12/2004 Add item type JUVDVD SWTR approved Allows for fine free status and statistical tracking
2/12/2004 Don't shadow EPHEMERAL approved Items once shadowed can not be unshadowed
11-13 & 11-22-2004 Item type simplification See separate reports.
11/22/2004 Reconsider WYLD-ER a separate catalog Kay Carlson Local holding with local licenses are not displaying. Libraries need to consider licensing before posting. Libraries may use a March holdings statement to clarify licensing agreements, following WSL format suggestion
10/21/2004 Set Up WYLD-ER to be a separate catalog Katie Jones suggested approved
10/21/2004 Mask availability display on WYLDCAT hit list Des Saunders suggested no action Polled members liked the availability display
09/30/2004 Restore HISTORICAL Kathy Carlson approved
09/30/2004 Exemption for 60 item limit on selected monographic serials Beth Floyd approved All monographic serials are exempt.
8/26/2004 Delete HISTORICAL OLQ approved Equivalents for HISTORICAL exist: WYO and WEST_AMER
8/26/2004 Modify HISTORICAL since other libraries are using it WSL staff denied The display at TETN-HIST shows that the item is at the museum.
8/26/04 and 7/26/2004 Add SCHOOL back for now Edie Phillips for Park-Meeteetse approved Meeteetse has over 5K items with this location; changing them would be a real hardship; other locations would provide stats eventually. In Oct 03, WASH asked the same question. It needs local request only it is the last or only copy.
8/26/04, 7/26/04, 6/12/04 Add localdocs Teton approved This is consistent with feddoc and statedocs
8/26/2004 Is holdings information says STACKS in the item list and MAIN COLLECTION in the copy/item list a problem? Crys for Region Vr library No, it is not.
8/26/2004 Add REMOTE and delete CBOC-FTCOL and CBOC_GREE CHVA approved Other libraries could use it.
8/01/2004 Do something about the serials mess http://will.state.wy.us/wyld/network/committees/quality/serials.html
7/26/2004 Add SCHOOL location back Edie Phillips for Park-Meeteetse Pending Public notes or available Item Category 1 values are possible to get reports. As long as the loan period doesn't need to be different from other items marked 'new', then stats can be gathered by using item cat. 1 and the asking for the output in statistics report to see that level. In Oct 03, WASH asked the same question. It needs local request only it is the last or only copy.
6/10/2004 Add LOCALDOCS Teton Tabled What did the gov docs section approve at WLA? Not mentioned in minutes
4/6/2004 Add the 505 field to display in the full WYLDCAT record CASPC approved Helpful information that once displayed and is not now displaying
4/6/2004 Display the 505 field CC approved WYLD office isn't sure why it is no longer displaying
4/6/2004 WSL serial Recommendation #1 WSL approved Single issue periodical records clog the database
4/6/2004 Libraries must create summary holdings statements for serials Gov Bd. approved This affirms decisions of 1-15-98 and 12-19-00
4/6/2004 Libraries must use a base call number "magazine" in the basic tab of the serials control record WSL approved This allows serials records to sort correctly.
4/6/2004 Create new bill reason "Old Periodicals" WSL approved This will keep track of old fines in line with Serials Recommendation #4.
4/6/2004 Add serial, map and government documents to item category 1 approved To provide information for reports?
4/6/2004 Library keep no more than 60 issues per periodical titles in the database with exception of Statewide Cooperation Collection libraries and single holdings WSL approved This is to reduce the problem of mtulitple barcodes in the database.
3/8/2004 Add location REMOTE collection VA-Chey approved Other libraries with remote collections could use it too
3/8/2004 Add location Main Library VA-Chey denied Too close to Main collection which displays as stacks in workflows
3/8/2004 Turn off "Estimated Wait" approved Not useful in consortium setting
3/8/2004 Shadow location CATALOGING/ don't shadow INPROCESS approved Libraries can decide which to use depending on accepting their holds on new items
3/8/2004 Load EBSCO MARC records for MasterFILE Premier WSL approved This will show patrons links to EBSCO coverage of titles in the additional databases.
3/8/2004 standard abbreviations for records WSL approved These will appear in the database guidelines and aren't repeated here.
3/8/2004 Add location SCORE NWC denied Musicscore is an acceptable alternative


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