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annual meeting

June 19, 2009
Dubois, Wyoming

The Online Quality Committee met six times by conference call in 2008-2009. Thanks to the WYLD staff and Martha Hanscom from the University of Wyoming who educated and helped us this year. The committee also wishes to thank Susan Stanton, Natrona County Public Library for her contribution in recording the minutes of the meetings.

The committee thanks those who responded to surveys, asked questions, and commented on proposals for their help with its work this year.

Some of the issues the committee reviewed this year were:

A summary of the committee’s decisions is available at
Members can request changes in locations or item types at

The Online Quality Committee
Region I- Kristy Hardtke,
Region II- Kay Carlson,
Region III- Nancy Jennings,
Region IV- Susan Stanton,
Region V- Stephen Sarazin,
Region VI- Cindy Moore,
Beth Floyd, Chair,
UW Liaison - Martha Hanscom -
WSL Liaison - Desiree Saunders -
WSL Liaison - Bobbi Thorpe -

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