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Brenda McGinnis, Chair - bmcginnis@linclib.org
Deb Adams, Region 1 (2016) - dadams@tclib.org
unappointed , Region 2 -
Kathy Bjornestad, Region 3 (2017) - bjornestadk@crook1.com
Kate Mutch, Region 4 (2017) - kmutch@natronacountylibrary.org
Julie Henion, Region 5 (2015) - jhenion@plattecountylibrary.org
Brenda McGinnis, Region 6 (2016) - bmcginnis@linclib.org
Jill Mackey, WYLD President (ex officio) - crookcountylib@rangeweb.net
Melanie Reedy, WSL Business Manager (ex officio) - melanie.reedy@wyo.gov
Brian Greene, WYLD Support Team (ex officio) - brian.greene@wyo.gov

Reports: 2011 | 2010

WSL Cost Recovery & Fee Breakdown
Governance Contract (2010)

Older Documents:
Recovery Distribution by Agency
Procedure for setting WYLD annual access fees
WYLD Fees - March 2006


More about this Committee:

FEES/BUDGET COMMITTEE: The committee is responsible for developing the Operating Budget for approval by the Board. Once the Operating Budget is approved the committee is responsible for working with the State Library in determining a recommendation for a fee schedule for each biennium. The committee will provide the proposed fee schedule to each agency director for feedback prior to submitting a final proposal to the Governing Board for approval. The committee is responsible for monitoring the budget.

Composition: A representative from each region representing a variety of library types is appointed by the President in consultation with the Chair of the Regional Council and a representative from the State Library. The President will serve as an ex officio member of the committee.

WYLDCAT Members Bylaws - June 2010