Procedure for setting WYLD annual access fees

  1. WYLD fees will be determined biennially in January coinciding with the Wyoming State Library's biennial budget cycle.

  2. Fees will be based on populations determined by a third party as follows:
    1. Public Library: State Data Analysis - published in December
    2. Schools: Department of Education - published in July
    3. Community College - Published by the Commission for the previous year
    4. Special and other entities: average daily attendance reported by governing (reporting) agency.

  3. Fees and Statistices Committee will:
    1. examine current data
    2. anticipate required revenues and expenditures
    3. divine fees for pending biennium
    4. present draft to Governing Board

  4. Governing Board request revision, more information or give tentative approval to draft fee structure. Fee proposal will be disseminated to library directors for comment period in February.

  5. Governing Board will set fee structure for pending biennium by March 1 and disseminate the information to member libraries.

  6. Fees go into effect July 1.

January, 2000