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Rawlins, Wyoming

Annual Report June, 2010

The By Laws Committee consisted of Patty Myers, Brian Greene and Mary Jayne Jordan, and they met at least four times via conference phone calls and with numerous emails since January to revise the by laws with the language for the new organizational name : WYLDCat Members. As a committee, we talked a lot about how we have made the organization work, what we do and what we donít do. The recommendations for change tried to combine the reality with the original concept. There were at least four drafts before the final one. There were compromises, and there were changes. It is done.

The plan is to present the new bylaws to the Governing Board and the Regional Council before the Annual Meeting, 2010, for their approval. Then present the bylaws to the voting delegates at the Annual Meeting, 2010, for approval.

Patty Myers
June 1, 2010