annual meeting

WYLD NETWORK Business Meeting

June 2, 2006
Sundance, Wyoming


  1. Call to order - Dale Collum, President
    Network President called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.
  2. Roll call of delegates - Brian Greene
    Roll call was completed and a quorum was present. Public Libraries attending were Albany County, Big Horn County, Campbell County, Carbon County, Converse County, Crook County, Hot Springs, Johnson County, Laramie County, Lincoln County, Natrona County, Park County, Platte County, Sheridan County Library, Sweetwater County, Teton County, Uinta County, Washakie County and Weston County. Academic Libraries attending were Casper College, Eastern Wyo College, Laramie County College, Sheridan College, Northwest College, Western Wyo. College and University of Wyoming. Special Libraries attending were McCracken Research Library, Wyoming State Library and Yellowstone Research Library. School Libraries attending were Crook County and Newcastle High School.
  3. Approval of agenda
    Lucie Osborn moved to accept the agenda as presented. Peggy Jording seconded it and the motion passed.
  4. Approval of minutes
    Debbie Iverson made a motion to approve the minutes of May 20, 2005 meeting as posted. Paul Holland seconded it and the motion passed.
  5. Sirsi-Dynix presentation
    Tom Gates Vice-President of Marketing of Sirsi-Dynix was introduced. Tom spoke about Sirsi, why they merged with Dynix, how many libraries they serve and what is coming up in the future.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Fees and Statistics
      Chair Bill Nelson (Chair) reported that the new policy is on the Network web page:
    2. Governance/Bylaws (Lucie Osborn, Chair)
      Brenda McGinnis (Chair) reported that there was no business in the past year.
    3. Nominating - Debbie Iverson (Chair)
      Debbie reported that nominees for WYLD network positions were as follows Network V.P. – Patty Myers, Campbell County. Large Public Libraries nominees were, Marci Mock, Sheridan County, Stephen Sarazin, Albany County and Kashawna White, Laramie County. Special Library nominee was Katrina Jones, Wyoming State Law Library.
    4. Online Quality (Susan Simpson, Chair)
      Susan was absent but there is a report on the Network web page:
    5. Patron Database Management, Ad-hoc (Paul Holland, Chair)
      See Number VII. item A. of these notes for more information. The new policy is posted on the Network web page:
    6. Training (Karen Kitchens, Chair)
      The committee’s report is posted on the Network web page:
    7. WYLD Office (Brian Greene)
      Brian reported that over 100 people were at the WYLD meeting this year. As of July 1, 2006 it will be 4 years since the migration to Sirsi! He reported that Chris Van Burgh would be moving to the Library Development Office. Trish Palluck is now the Lead Librarian in the State Library Technical Services Section. The WYLD Office will be looking for someone to take her place. The OS upgrade that was to have taken place on Memorial Day did not happen. The upgrade started out with problems and Marc and Brian decided not to go any further. The WYLD Office is looking for another weekend this summer to do the upgrade. Marc would like 2 days to do the upgrade. The WYLD system will not upgrade to GL 3.0. SirsiDynix management and customers have recommended that we skip to GL 3.1. GL 3.1 is due out soon and the WYLD office will keep us posted. Brian reminded everyone to check on the SirsiDynix web page for recommendations on third party applications such as self check out, RFID etc. This will let libraries know if the applications are certified to run on the SirsiDynix Unicorn platform that we use. Be wary if they are not certified. Please let the WYLD office know of any third party additions you make. A good place to check is the SirsiDynix web page:
    8. Regional Council (Paul Holland, Chair)
      Paul reported that the Regional Council report is on the Network web page.
    9. Governing Board (Dale Collum, Chair)
      Dale spoke of his unexpected year as Network president and what went on during the year.
  7. New Business
    1. WYLD Card Policy – The Regional Council and the WYLD Governing Board approved the WYLD Card Policy in a meeting on May 31, 2006. The new policy is on the Network web page:
    2. Annual meeting location - Dale and Brian received requests for a central Location for the annual meeting. Since the location is voluntary it was agreed to have the meetings in different places in the state rather than keep it in one location. It is an opportunity for librarians to visit other libraries and for staff that normally would not get to attend a meeting to participate.
  8. Wyoming Libraries Foundation (Cathy Butler)
    Cathy Butler reported that two positions are open on the Foundation board. Elected to the three year positions were Diana Oedekoven and Peggy Jording.
  9. Other business
    There was none.
  10. Network election results
    Debbie Iverson announced that Patty Myers was elected as Network Vice President –President Elect. Marci Mock was elected the Board representative of Large Public Libraries and Katrina Jones was elected as the Board’s Special Library representative.
  11. Announcements
    Lesley Boughton, State Librarian, announced that the State Library would be advertising for an additional staff member to take Trish Palluck’s place.

    Frances Clymer announced that the Western Writers of America would meet in Cody on June 13-17, 2006.

  12. Recognition of Members' service
    Dale presented certificates to members who served on committees, the Regional Council and the Governing Board in recognition and thanks for their service. Dale also presented a gift from the directors across the state to Paul Holland, Regional Council President, and Director of Sweetwater County. Paul is leaving Sweetwater County Library System for other pursuits.
  13. Adjournment
    There being no further business, Lucie Osborn moved the meeting be adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Bekcy Hawkins