WYLD Network Annual Meetings
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WYLD Network Business Meeting
June 6, 2003
Laramie County Community College, Cheyenne

  1. Call to order (Lynnette Anderson)
    Network President Lynnette Anderson called the meeting to order at 11:15am.
  2. Roll Call of Delegates & ascertain quorum (Brian Greene, recorder)

    Roll call was done before break after talk by Patrick Sommers, Sirsi CEO

  3. Additions or changes to the agenda

    A motion was made and carried to add New Business to the agenda. It will be the last item under agenda item V.

  4. Approval of minutes (April 5, 2002)

    Minutes approved.

  5. Reports of committees:

    Database Products (Ara Anderson, Chair)

    Ms. Anderson submitted written report and gave brief oral report. After initially, receiving 53 requests for database previews, the committee cut the preview list to 23 using evaluation standards which measured content, need, ease of use, and response time. A WYLD users' survey narrowed this list down to five most useful databases. Those five databases are:

    ProQuest Historical Newspapers
    Gale Literature Resource Center
    BigChalk, BigChalk Libraries (BigChalk Elementary & BigChalk Platinum)
    EBSCO Alternative Health
    CQ Researcher

    The committee recommends that WYLD continue to purchase the databases currently under contract with additional databases chosen by the WYLD users for purchase if money allows.

    Online Quality (Tony Goymerac, Chair)

    Key challenge: what do we change when so much is changing or could be changing in the next upgrade. This committee's next focus will be on reducing the number of locations. There are over 350 being used by 80+ libraries.

    Regional Council (Scott Kinney, Chair and Network Vice-President)

    With the absence of the Council chair (excused because of illness in family), the Governing Board recorder was asked to read summary of Mr. Kinney's report.

    Governing Board (Lynnette Anderson, Chair and Network President)

    Ms. Anderson read her report to the assembled body. She highlighted the activities of the ad hoc iLink PAC Screen Committee. Its recommendations were approved by the Governing Board and included allowing "libraries to customize other features of the user interface in order to best meet the needs of that library's constituency."

    Nominating Committee (Debbie Iverson, Chair)

    Because of the Chair's absence (excused also because of illness in family), Katrina (Katie) Jones reported that the following were elected to the Governing Board by their peer groups prior to the WYLD Annual meeting:

    For the academic libraries: Debbie Iverson, Sheridan College
    For the school libraries: Josie Pearson, Sundance Elementary, Crook County
    For the smaller public libraries: Judy Scott, Weston County Library
    By ballot at this WYLD Network annual meeting:
    Vice-president/president elect: Crystal Stratton
    Member-at-large: Dale Collum


    The following motion was made by Diane W. Martin, Northwest College and seconded:

    "I recommend the WYLD consortium go directly to the 2004 SIRSI release, July 1, 2004 skipping the 2003 release."

    This came in the afterglow of an impressive demonstration of WorkFlows 2004 made by Sirsi staff the day before. There was much discussion. Comments by Paul Holland, Sweetwater County Library System Director, with which he expressed concern that skipping releases could be detrimental to a consortium such as ours, lead to a vote on the motion. After voice vote, motion was not approved.

    Lucie Osborn brought a new motion to the attention of Network members and it was seconded:

    "I move the WYLD Members Council directs the Regional Council & the Governing Board to examine the process by which desired enhancements and corrections are to be addressed promptly and information is reported back to the WYLD members and [how] the enhancements and corrections [are] delivered to Sirsi. The Board and Council will report by Sept. 1, 2003."

    After some discussion the motion passed by voice vote.

  6. Recognition of Members' service

    Sandra Donovan, the Dean and Library Director, Laramie County Community College, was recognized for her many years of service with a standing ovation. Many of certificates of recognition were distributed to Network leaders and active committee members. The certificates carried the following appreciation:

    "Be it known that this certificate is presented to: __________ in recognition of outstanding contributions, dedication, and effort on the Governing Board."

    Lesley Boughton, Wyoming State Librarian, on behalf of Scott Kinney, Network Vice-President and on behalf of the WYLD membership, recognized Lynnette Anderson for her years of service as the most recent WYLD Network Vice-President and President by presenting a chocolate surprise and book.

  7. Passing the Gavel

    Because Scott Kinney was not able to be present there was no passing of the gavel.

  8. Adjourn (12:30pm)

    Meeting was adjourned at 12:15pm.

    Submitted by Brian Greene, Governing Board recorder
    NOTE: some incomplete information exists because audio recording didn't capture that information. For example, proposer of motion to add New Business as an agenda item. After this meeting, I recommended that the WYLD Program Manager not be the Governing Board recorder in the future because duties of both can interfere with each other at a business meeting.