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WYLD Network Business Meeting
April 5, 2002
Holiday Inn, Casper

  1. Call to order (Lynnette Anderson, Network President)
  2. Roll call of delegates & ascertain quorum (Brian Greene, Network Recorder)
    In attendance: Albany County, Big Horn County, Campbell County, Carbon County, Converse County, Crook County, Fremont County, Goshen County, Hot Springs County, Johnson County, Laramie County, Lincoln County, Natrona County, Niobrara County, Park County, Platte County, Sheridan County, Sublette County, Sweetwater County, Teton County, Uinta County, Washakie County, Weston County, Casper College, Central Wyoming college, Eastern Wyoming College, Laramie County Community College, Sheridan College, Northwest College, Western Wyoming College, University of Wyoming, McCracken Research Library, Whedon Cancer Foundation, Wyoming State Library, Wyoming State Law Library, VA Hospital - Sheridan, Cheyenne Central High School, Carbon County School District #2, Crook County School District #1, and Newcastle High School

    Not in attendance: Preston University, Wyoming Medical Center, VA Hospital - Cheyenne, Yellowstone Research Library, and Cheyenne East High School
  3. Additions or changes to the agenda - none were requested.
  4. Minutes of the May 18, 2001 Annual Business Meeting were approved as submitted
  5. Reports of the committees/WYLD Office - oral highlights with written report to the Secretary.
    1. Nominating Committee (Isabel Hoy, Chair)
      Karen Hopkins is completing the remaining term for the Member-at-Large on the Board. Betsy Bernfeld is completing the term for the Larger Public Library Representative on the Board.
    2. By-laws Committee (Kay Carlson, Chair)
      FIRST PROPOSED BYLAWS CHANGE-remove UW as member of Network The Chair reminded everyone that proposed bylaws changes had been posted on the WYLD Network web site. The first proposed change focused on the membership status of the University of Wyoming libraries and how that status is defined in the Network Bylaws, Article 1, Section C.

      This bylaw gives the following criteria to be a member: a member is an agency which adds records to the database, has at least one concurrent session, and is willing to lend to other WYLD libraries.

      The proposal eliminates the University of Wyoming as a member. The committee thinks that a representative should be invited to observe meetings or be a resource at the request of the president but UW should not be defined as a member.

      Karen Lange, UW representative spoke against the proposal saying, UW Libraries want to be a member of the Network. In their search for a new Dean there is great interest for a change in leadership. Their efforts will focus on choosing someone "who wants to play with others." A UW membership fee was waived a few years ago but the UW Libraries are willing to pay for membership.

      The proposal was defeated 33-1.

      SECOND PROPOSED SET OF BYLAWS CHANGE: Local policy review panel

      I. O. Local Policy Review Panel and I.U.6. Local Policy Review Panel

      I. O. as proposed states: Libraries planning local policy changes that will or may affect other libraries should communicate each proposed policy to the Network President who will convene a review panel and advise the library as to what effect the change will have on other member libraries and to the network as a whole. The president and panel will respond to the proposed policy change in a timely manner. If necessary, the panel can make a recommendation to the Governing Board or the WYLD Regional Council for formal response or action.

      Clarifications were made. It was suggested that this allows for more bureaucracy but it helps us to determine the impact of decisions on the Network.

      Bill Nelson, Natrona County Library Director asked if we, the Network, were trying to solve a small problem with a bureaucratic response. He proposed that members should consult the WYLD Office prior to making significant local policy changes. This will help raise awareness. WYLD's test server will also help us out. Lucie Osborn supported the Nelson amendment and it was accepted as substitution proposal. This proposal passed.

    3. WYLD Office (Brian Greene, WYLD Program Manager)
      Report submitted.
    4. Regional Council (Scott Kinney, Network Vice-President)
      Scott announced Boyd Broughton as the new Region 5 representative. "Migration and migration are two words that have been on the minds of the Regional Council."
    5. Governing Board (Lynnette Anderson, Network President)
      Report will be on the WYLD website soon.
    6. Database Products (Ara Anderson, Chair)
      Report has been submitted and posted on the Web.
    7. Online Quality (Tony Goymerac, Chair)
      Tony reported committee activity about a non-standard GMD and couple of material types. Much is dependent on migration. The committee was disappointed that the necessary re-indexing needed in the WYLD database could not be done. It hopes that the very flexible and real-time indexing found with the Sirsi Unicorn product will be the answer. The group is excited about the availability of more local reporting authority with Unicorn. Other positive features that Sirsi has for database maintenance and clean-up were mentioned. Two issues facing the committee are the use of 856 URL displays and the addition of e-books to the WYLD database.
    8. WYLD Foundation (Cathy Butler, Chair)
      A written report was submitted. It will be placed on the WYLD Foundation web page in the future. Cathy congratulated Debbie Iverson and Kay Carlson for their $44,000 grant from the McMurray Foundation for access to other external databases.
  6. A resolution was read and accepted being moved by Susan Simpson and seconded by Sandra Donovan. Lynnette Anderson, Network President and Lesley Boughton, Wyoming State Librarian signed it.
    It declared Friday, April 5, 2002 - Joe French Day.
  7. Announcements and Information
    A letter of commendation from Governor Geringer was presented to Lesley Boughton.

    Karen Lange, UW Representative, stated that on April 11 and 12, videoconference sessions with UW Libraries Dean candidates were scheduled. These will allow others in the Wyoming Library Community to meet the candidates. Attendees will be asked to provide evaluations and comments which will have an influence in the decision making process.

  8. Meeting was adjourned at 11:52 a.m.