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WYLD Network Annual Business Meeting
May 18, 2001

  1. Call to order - Marcia Wright, Network President
  2. Roll Call of Delegates to ascertain a quorum: In attendance: Albany County Library, Big Horn County Library, Campbell County Library, Converse County Library, Fremont County Library, Hot Springs County Library, Johnson County Library, Laramie County Library, Lincoln County Library, Natrona County Library, Niobrara County Library, Park County Library, Platte County Library, Sheridan County Library, Sublette County Library, Sweetwater County Library, Teton County Library, Washakie County Library, Weston County Library, Casper College Library, Eastern Wyoming College Library, Laramie County Community College Library, Sheridan College Library, Northwest College Library, Western Wyoming Community College Library, McCracken Research Library, Wyoming State Library, Whedon Cancer Foundation Library, Wyoming Medical Center, Cheyenne Central High School Library, Newcastle High School Library, Sheridan Veterans Hospital Library.

    Absent were: Carbon County Library, Central Wyoming College Library, Gillette Campus, Preston University Library.

  3. There were no additions or changes to the agenda.
  4. Reports of Committees
    1. Nominating Committee - Isabel Hoy distributed ballots, they were collected and the results will be announced later in the meeting. Scott Kinney is the candidate for Vice President of the network which is a four year commitment. Scott was unanimously elected by acclamation and the motion was seconded.
    2. Governance and Bylaws Committee - Changes to the By-Laws were explained, most are housekeeping in nature. The word 'that' was changed to 'who' in several places. It was moved and seconded that the By-Laws changes be accepted. All were in favor as amended. These changes can be found on the the Governance and Bylaws Committee web page.
    3. Strategic Planning Committee - A motion was made to accept the new strategic plan with the revisions that were made earlier in the day. The motion was carried in the affirmative. The new strategic plan can be found on the Strategic Planning Committee's web page.
    4. Database Products Committee - The committee has been working on developing a time line for the selection process of our addition databases. The recommendation for sub-group selection was sent back to the committee. The recommendations can be found on the Database Products Committee's web page.
    5. Governing Board - A report on the Governing Board activities for the past year was given by Marcia Wright. The current structure has been in place now for 4 years and it is time to take a look at it and see how it is working for us. The new strategic plan will help us move ahead. The wyld network has been able to move ahead in spite of the changes. The Governing Board accepted the proposal from the State Library to migrate to a new automation system. Marcia praised the WYLD Office staff, they are appreciated for all the work they do, both their jobs and volunteer work.

      One of the most important things we learned the last two years is how important communications is. See to it that you are connected with the network to get the information that is disseminated.

      Marcia thanked the committees for all the work they do. She said they had all been busy this year. The Governing Board passed a resolution against CIPA , siding with ALA . That resolution is posted on the Governing Board's web page.

    6. Marketing - The Marketing Committee is an ad hoc committee and as such works primarily on an as-needed basis. The "@your library" campaign continues, and it will be combined with the "Go WYLD" portal page. When migration decisions are made, the Marketing Committee will of course move into full throttle to help disseminate information on the new capabilities of WYLD.
    7. Online Quality - The Online Quality Committee has been very busy this year. They addressed many issues. They solved problems with invalid GMD's, 246 v. 740 tags, use of 856 tags. They also worked on committee goals. Information on these issues and their resolution can be found on the Online Quality Committee's web page.
    8. Regional Council - Communication and training have been the major issues engaging both the Regional Council and the separate Regions. Although some progress has been made in devising a protocol outlining what the WYLD members can expect from the State Library in terms of system training, the guidelines are not yet finalized. Concerning communications, each of the Regional Representatives have used the current WYLD structure as a vehicle for communication both within their own Region and as a part of the WYLD Network. These efforts have met with varying success depending on the levels of participation within the specific Regions.
    9. Resource Sharing - For the past two years, the committee has primarily focused on implementing the recommendations of the Cooperative Collection Development ad hoc Committee. These are developing a statewide discard list, and identifying the Cooperative Collection Development periodical titles in WYLD.
    10. WYLD Foundation - Dues notifications just went out. Please pay promptly to WSL to the attention of Joe French. Previous committee discussions resulted in changing the name from WYLD Foundation to Wyoming Libraries Foundation.
    11. WYLD Office - Web links for Migration Information are on the members' home page. Everyone needs to keep track of this web site. Due to the coming migration it was recommended that no new WYLD members be added to the Network until after we migrate to a new ILS. All libraries need to fill out the PC survey form that will be online. Trish is working on an ILL solution for when we migrate to a new system. We would also like to thank Des for her work in tech support for the database vendors.

      The old help line is now being used as the WYLD status line, a second line was found to be redundant.

      As we move toward migration, don't be part of the problem, be part of the solution. Find a place or create a place where you can find solutions. The WYLD Report can be found on the member's web page.

    12. Report of Balloting - The voting was completed during the balloting by unanimous acclamation for the new Strategic Plan, Governance and By-Laws changes, and Scott Kinney as Network Vice President.
    13. Service Awards were given to everyone whose terms on committees have expired. Marcia thanked everyone for their efforts on behalf of the WYLD Network.
    14. Presentation of Gavel to Lynnette Anderson. Marcia presented the gavel to Lynnette Anderson and then Lynnette presented Marcia with a gift of appreciation for her work as Network President.
    15. Announcements and Information - Determination of the date and location of the next Network meeting will be made at a later date due to migration considerations. Since migration will be upon us we will wait to decide when we have more information.
    16. Adjourn - 4:30 p.m.

    Submitted by
    Marilyn Heiner, Recorder