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WYLD Annual Network Meeting

May 19, 2000
Central Wyoming College Campus

  1. Roll Call of Full WYLD members: In attendance: Albany County Library, Big Horn County Library, Campbell County Library, Carbon County Library, Converse County Library, Fremont County Library, Johnson County Library, Laramie County Library, Lincoln County Library, Natrona County Library, Park County Library, Platte County Library, Sheridan County Library, Sublette County Library, Sweetwater County Library, Teton County Library, Washakie County Library, Weston County Library, Casper College Library, Central Wyoming College Library, Laramie County Community College Library, Sheridan College Library, Northwest College Library, Western Wyoming Community College Library, Wyoming State Library, Whedon Cancer Foundation Library, Wyoming Medical Center, Cheyenne Central High School Library, Newcastle High School Library, Sheridan Veterans Hospital Library

  2. Not in attendance: Crook County Library, Hot Springs County Library, Niobrara County Library, Eastern Wyoming College Library, Gillette Campus, Preston University Library, Cheyenne East High School Library, Carbon county School District # 2.

  3. Small Business Administration Presentation - An award was presented to Lesley Boughton as the director of Natrona County for their help in linking the SBA's Library to the WYLD system. Lesley was recognized for outstanding help in getting this specialized small library online for the benefit of all of Wyoming citizens.
  4. Minutes of the May 7, 1999 meeting were approved as written.
  5. Reports
    1. The Regional Council report was submitted by Lynette Anderson. The council met four times since the 1999 WYLD Meeting. Discussions primarily centered around issues which were a segment of the updates presented in the WYLD Office Reports on Web II screens, the proposed move to TAOS, the Wyoming Equality Network (WEN), Cat Express, Y2K, and technical training concerns brought forward by members. Actions taken by the Council were a recommendation to the Database Products Committee to notify the library that suggested a database of it's reasons for rejection. A motion was passed that all WYLD member Libraries be required to maintain standardized e-mail boxes for ILL and Circ Manager accounts. The State Library and WYLD Office was notified of this action.
    2. Resource Sharing Council report was given by Lesley Boughton. This committee has just been rejuvenated as a brainstorming group to facilitate and help the State Library address statewide issues.
    3. WYLD Office was given by Corky Walters. The report can be found at will.state.wy.us/wyld/wyldoffice/ The report reviews the events of the past year and the expectations for the year to come. We need to use WYLD to match the states needs today, with WYLD, and non-WYLD Libraries, WULP and the internet all linked together for all Wyoming people to use.
    4. Standing Committees with reports given by Committee Chairpersons.
    5. WYLD Network Foundation report given by Cathy Butler. Amendments to the Bylaws of the WYLD Network Foundation, Inc. were approved by the Foundation Board of Directors February 23, 2000. The changes were house keeping in nature. They were necessary to bring the Foundation by-laws into compliance with the WYLD Network Bylaws, and to incorporate practices and procedures developed since the inception of the Foundation. A link to the posted bylaws may be found on the WYLD Network Members Homepage.
      The Balance in the WYLD Foundation account as of April 11, 2000 is $3,855.32.
    6. Database Products Committee report given by Karen Hopkins. Minimum standards were set for selecting databases. The committee has moved to a biennial selection schedule and renewal of licensing for databases. Committee meeting minutes can be found on the Network Members Homepage.
    7. Nominating Committee carried out the voting for the member-at-large for the Governing Board from the Network members present. Results will be reported later in the meeting during new business.
    8. On-line Quality committee report was given by Lori Kirchoff. The committee worked on WULP and Large Print to set standards for the network. Her report can be found at http://will.state.wy.us/wyld/network/committees/quality/
    9. Resource Sharing Committee (formerly Interlibrary Loan) report was give by Marilyn Grant. The committee is working on making ILL procedures available on the Network Homepage. An ILL Contact person from each library will be posted to the web. This would make it possible to search by ILL Contacts.
    10. Ad hoc Committees

    11. Marketing Committee report was given by Patty Meyers. The big goal this year for the Marketing Committee was database marketing. The database Marketing Packet was distributed by September, which included a press release, marketing images, brochures, and a fact sheet. Additionally, the web site provides the images from the Marketing Packet. The packet won an award from the Wyoming Press Association.
  6. Unfinished Business

    We have come to the end of the Goals set out in the Strategic plan. Therefore it is time to set some new goals. Dorothy Middleton will be the Chair for a new committee on Visioning and Planning. There will be a brain storming session in the food court to help with some new goals.

  7. New Business
    1. Mary Rhoads was elected for another term as the Member-at-large for the Governing Board.
    2. Pat Carlson will be the Special Library Representative for the Governing Board. Cathy Butler will be the Large Libraries Representative, also for the Governing Board.
    3. New Regional Representatives were announce.
      1. Sukey Hohl - Region 1
      2. Becky Hopkins - Region 2
      3. Cynthia Twing - Region 3
      4. Carla Hardy - Region 6
    4. Recognition and Awards - Tributes of Recognition were given to Bill Stewart, Charlene Paben, and Ada Howard who are all retiring this year. Recognition was also given to committee members whose terms expired this year.
  8. Adjournment - The next Annual Meeting will be held May 18, 2001 at Sheridan College. Meeting was adjourned at 2:40 pm.

Submitted by
Marilyn Heiner, Recorder