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WYLD Annual Meeting
May 7, 1999
Riverton Branch Library

President Debbie Iverson call the annual meeting to order at 10:05 am.

  1. Roll call of toll WYLD members. Recorder Sandra Donovan called the roll with the following in attendance:

    Albany County Library, Big Horn County Library, Campbell County Library, Converse County Library, Fremont County Library, Goshen County Library, Hot Springs County Library, Johnson County Library, Laramie County Library, Lincoln County Library, Natrona County Library, Park County Library, Platte County Library, Sheridan County Library, Sublette County Library, Sweetwater County Library, Teton County Library, Weston County Library, Casper College Library, Central Wyoming College Library, Laramie County Community College Library, Sheridan College Library Gillette Campus, Northwest College Library, Western Wyoming College Library, Wyoming State Library, and Whedon Cancer Foundation Library

    Not in attendance were Crook County Library, Washakie County Library, Eastern Wyoming College Library, Preston University Library, and Wyoming medical Center, Veterans Admin. Hospital, Laramie County School District #1, Carbon School District #2, and Newcastle High School.

  2. Introduction to WYLD Pac only members. Although not in attendance, the following were announced to be PAC only members: Uinta County Library, University of Wyoming, Ivinson Memorial Hospital Library, Glenrock High School, Gillette Schools, Natrona Elementary Schools, Natrona County High School, and Midwest School library.
  3. Agenda Revisions. There were no revisions.
  4. Minutes of the May 1998 Annual Meeting. The Minutes were not available.
  5. WYLD Strategic Plan, 1998-1999 Update. Debbie Iverson reviewed the entire plan noting the Goals 1, 2, 3, and 4 have all been achieved. Goal 5 has been partially achieved; growth has been balanced well. Goal 6 has not been entirely recognized and completed. Goal 7 has not been achieved. WYLD still needs to evaluate the effectiveness of WYLD with the patrons. Needed is a base on which to measure successive years. Debbie said the new board may wish to work on this. There were no questions about the plan.

  6. WYLD Office Report.
    The complete report will be found on the WYLD web page at http://will.state.wy.us/wyld/wyldoffice/ Corkie Walters reported that the state network will soon have DS-3 lines which will provide 12 times the current capacity for Internet access. All requested line upgrades in the state - with one exception - have been completed. Goshen and Sweetwater County libraries still have inadequate speed/capacity for instate te1ecommunications.

    Several libraries have been testing WEB2 although Internet speed is still slow at this time. Once Internet access is at full speed, other libraries should consult the WYLD Office report for the steps in bringing up WEB2. There will be no tee increases through June 2000. A newly appointed fees/statistics committee will be analyzing the fee structure and making recommendations for future changes.

    Corky urged librarians to act now to prepare for Y2K hardware and software problems.

    TAOS will be implemented during summer of 2000 at the earliest if all the conditions are met. It is critical that all WVLD libraries have appropriate equipment upgrades for the move to TAOS, as all libraries must make the move at the same time. The Network does not want to be held back by any one library. Once TAOS is implemented, Gateway will no longer be available. A chart of the computer requirements for WYLD functions is posted on the web page.

    DRA's Software Improvement Request (SJRS) will soon be posted on the web. Librarians are encouraged to participate by critiquing arid encouraging enhancements to both Classic and Web2.

    Corky noted that patrons using remote access for database products would need to use both their library barcode and a PIN number. Marc Stratton can run a global program for assignment of Pin numbers, or librarians may choose to assign their own. Cocky stressed that planning should begin now.

    Librarians should keep an ongoing inventory of IP numbers for WYLD terminals. Specific IP numbers may be requested for some databases.

    Database maintenance issues regarding the duplication of records caused by loading federal documents from Marcive are being addressed.

    The Network is not actively recruiting new schools. However, two options are available to those who contact the WYLD office: I) if use is estimated to be once a day or less, a school may access WYLD through the local public library (barcode and PIN number needed). 2) For more access schools should purchase concurrent sessions and pay extra database fees. The state library is working with Uinta County to translate their records into WTLD. Uinta County will become a full WYLD member when TAOS is implemented.

    Corky ended her report by acknowledging the efforts of the WYLD staff.

  7. Reports
    1. Governing Board
      1. WYLD Fees and Statistics Committee recommendation. Debbie noted that the fees will remain the same through June 2000. The committee will be analyzing costs and fees and making a recommendation for the next biennium.
      2. Filtering Resolution. The resolution on filtering was adopted by both the Governing Board and the Regional Council. Susan Simpson requested that minutes, resolutions, etc., be posted more promptly.
      3. Database Products. Karen Hopkins reported that for the first time all libraries completed evaluations of the databases being considered. The list of databases have been send to all WYLD libraries. Karen intends to start the process earlier next year, in October. Recommendations would go to the Governing Board in April. Also a recommendation has been made for the Database Products Committee to work with the Marketing Committee for a marketing campaign to promote database products. Karen said the Committee is looking at options for tracking usage and keeping statistics. Praise was expressed for Karen and the Database Products Committee. Karen acknowledged the assistance of Joe French. Karen would like to have suggestions for new databases by October 1.

        Several suggestions were made by attendees:

        1. That the committee considers providing reasons for rejecting librarians' suggestions (cost, incompatibly, etc.)
        2. That there be a longer period of time between changes; and that EBSCO and IAC be compared in opposite years from other databases. There was a reminder that libraries can purchase products on their on that arc not shared with other libraries. Corky said she tries, for price reasons, for a two-year contract with vendors.

      4. Cooperative Collection Development Committee. Venice Beske distributed copies of the Periodicals Holdings List for cooperative collection development. And a list of cooperating libraries, Venice asked librarians to review the list and update with her as needed. There are still some titles, such as Astronomy, that no library has offered to collect. There was discussion as to where the permanent holdings should be noted in the serials record. Venice and Helen Higby will consult with Carol White on this. It was suggested that libraries' discard lists be put on the WYLD web page, listed under the Cooperative Collection Development Committee Venice said the next topic for the committee will be identifying specialties within libraries' reference collections.
      5. Bylaws Revisions. Recommendations from the Chair and Governing Board. The Governing Board recommends two major committee revisions: 1) that the Cooperative Collection Development and the Interlibrary Loan committee merge and be known as the Resource Sharing Committee; and 2) that the Database Quality Committee and the Web2 PAC Committee be merged. Quality of records and quality of presentation would be dual concerns. Membership would include record managers/catalogers and public service librarians. Susan Simpson chairs the bylaws committee; her Committee will have revisions ready by fall.
      6. WYLD Finances Report. Jerry Krois reported on projected network costs through year 2000. Although some costs have been greater than anticipated, other costs have been lower so the State Library will be able to absorb increased IP address cost through June 2000.
      7. WYLD Card Committee. Jackie Darnell reported that the WYLD Card policy was passed by both the Governing Board and the Regional Council. The policy will be found on the web page. Use of the WYLD card system is going well. Jackie emphasized though that if you overlay a record. you must include the original note.
    2. WYLD Governing Board Highlights of the Year 1998-99. Network President Debbie Iverson recognized Governing Board members and introduced incoming members. She presented highlights and accomplishments of the board during the past year. These have been mounted on the web page.
    3. WYLD Regional Council Highlights of the Year 199S-99. Marcia Wright emphasized That the major function of the Regional Council is communications. The highlights have been posted on the web page. Regional Council changes in the upcoming year. In Region 4 Debbie Sturman replaces Kevin Anderson; In region 5 Scott Kinney replaces Carey Hartman; and in region 6 Doug Wolfe replaces Helen Higby. Marcia encouraged librarians to put appropriate people on the regional council email lists. Regional Council members are a real key in the communication chain.

  8. Awards. Debbie and Marcia presented awards to the following people.
    Ara Anderson (Database Products)
    Kevin Anderson (Regional Council)
    Pam Boger (Nominating and Training)
    Carol Deering (Regional Council )
    Sandra Donovan (Governing Board recorder)
    Claire Francis (Interlibrary Loan)
    Carey Hartmann (Regiona1 Council)
    Helen Higby (Regional Council)
    Vicki Hitchcock (Interlibrary Loan)
    Alice Farris (Interlibrary Loan)
    Karen Hopkins (Bylaws)
    Ada Howard (Training)
    Jamie Kearley (Training)
    Karen Lange (Training)
    Toni Leades-Bell (Interlibrary Loan)
    Diane Martin (Training)
    Patty Myers (Governing Board)
    Peggy Norris (Database Products)
    Lucie Osborn (WYLD Foundation)
    Mary Robinson (Interlibrary Loan)
    Lisa Smith (Database Quality)
    Crystal Stratton (Training)
    Corky Walters (training)
    Doug Wolfe (Training)
    Deb Yearout (Training)

    On behalf of the WYLD Network members, Marcia recognized the leadership role Debbie has played as president of the WYLD Network during the last two years. Debbie was presented with gifts of appreciation.

  9. Passing of the Gavel. Debbie passed the gavel to Marcia Wright the new president of the WYLD Network.

  10. WYLD 2000 Strategic Plan: WYLD's Crystal Year. Marcia announced that the Governing Board will work on the strategic plan in a couple of weeks. The Goals 2000 Literacy grant will also be discussed. The vision statement will be reviewed for possible revision. Marketing issues will be discussed; what direction should marketing take? WYLD will be celebrating 15 years as an organization - a crystal anniversary.

  11. BREAK - Speaker

  12. Election of New People and Introductions:

    1. By Ballot of Full WYLD Members: Susan Simpson announced the following election results: Lynnette Anderson is the new Vice-Chair/Chair Elect; and Debbie Iverson will serve on the WYLD Network Foundation. With no nominations from the floor, Lynette and Debbie were elected by acclamation. Marcia Wright, elected last year, is the new President of the WYLD Network.

    2. By Ballot of Smaller Public Libraries: Sandra Munger wi1l represent small public libraries on the Governing Board.

  13. Other

    1. Census 2000. Kim Capron, Chair of the WLA Legislative Committee, is a member of the Census 2000 Task Force. She introduced Jim Wright from the Census Bureau in Denver, he indicated that Wyoming was the ninth highest undercounted state in the last census. This will impact federal funding to Wyoming communities as well as representation in the House of Representatives. He asked if public libraries would be willing to participate by making space available for two or three weeks at a designated spot in the library where a census representative could help the public with census forms and deal with language or literacy issues. Forms will be mailed about March 15. www.census.gov

    2. Committee Appointments 1999-2000.

      Database Products: Karen Hopkins (chair), Ara Anderson Alice Farris, and Carol Brown.

      Database Quality: Lori Kirchoff (chair), Scott Kinney, Carling Abernathy (other members yet to be determined)

      Interlibrary Loan/Resource Sharing: no chair yet, Frances Clymer, Helen Higby, and Venice Beske - WSL liaison

      WYLD Card Committee will be inactive until issues arise.
      Recorder for the Governing Board will be Marilyn Heiner.

  14. Next Annual Meeting: By unanimous vote, the next annual meeting will be Friday, May 19, 2000, at Central Wyoming College in Riverton.
  15. Susan Simpson asked that everyone around the room introduce themselves. Fremont County staff was thanked for their hospitality, the meeting was adjourned at 12:35 p.m.

    Submitted by:
    Sandra Donovan