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BookMyne helps you locate items from your local library, place holds, save lists of materials, check your library account, and view recommended reading using your Apple or Android device.

BookMyne for Apple   Requires iOS 3.0 or later

BookMyne for Android     Version 4.0 now available in the Google Play Store (Android 2.3.5)

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Bookmyne : Searching       learn more about this feature

Select a library to search from the libraries list. Currently, only keyword, title, author and subject searching are available. The search type defaults to keyword. Tap the down arrow to select a different type of search. When you tap in the search field, a keyboard will pop up, allowing you to type your search.



Bookmyne also supports barcode browsing using the iPhone camera or a barcode scanning app on Android.

Use the radio buttons on the results list to select items to place on hold, email, or save to a list (log in to save lists permanently).





The information on the details page includes a summary and reviews, when available.

Tap the arrow to display more information.

The item details page includes availability information. Tap the arrow for more information.



Bookmyne : Placing Holds

Placing holds with Bookmyne is easy! Either log in using the My Account button at the bottom of the screen, or log in when prompted. Use your regular library card and PIN. All the usual policies regarding holds from your library will apply. *You must be searching the library where your card is registered for holds to work properly.



Tap the action button at the top right to show options for placing a hold, emailing the item or adding it to a list

Remember to select your preferred pickup location. Locations are displayed in alphabetical order.

You can also place multiple holds at the same time by selecting items from the search results screen and tapping the action button

The 'mail' function is not in use in WYLD libraries at this time.



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