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A non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation affiliate of the Center for the Book at the Library of Congress.


The Wyoming Authors Wiki at http://wiki.wyomingauthors.org is a new online resource for information on the state's books and authors. More than 700 authors are currently listed, and the site grows daily. It was developed by staff at the Wyoming State Library as a Wyoming Center for the Book project.

What makes the wiki different from an ordinary web site is that its users can add or edit information, much like the well-known Wikipedia web site. Authors, publicists, readers, students, historians and others with information about Wyoming literature may register with the Authors Wiki to contribute.

"Many state Centers for the Book put author information online, but we believe we are the first to put it in a wiki," said Tina Lackey, Wyoming State Library Publications Specialist. "Wikis, blogs, social networking sites - people are drawn to these because they can become part of the conversation, and they can add their own 'puzzle piece' of knowledge to the picture."

She added, "We hope to build a strong user community that will keep the wiki updated with what's happening right now in Wyoming's writing scene and will add to our knowledge of the state's literary history."

The State Library hired Jill Armetta, a graduate English student at the University of Wyoming, as a summer intern to do the extensive research and data entry needed to begin building the Wyoming Authors Wiki.

"Just by researching authors and the titles of their books, I have learned volumes about the people who formed Wyoming's history and culture," Armetta said, "but the truly interesting information will come from the people who will contribute to the wiki who have personal ties to or who have researched the state's writers."

The Wyoming Authors Wiki can be found at http://wiki.wyomingauthors.org. The contributor registration process takes only a few minutes. For more information, contact Tina Lackey at 307-777-6338 or tlyles@wyo.gov.

Last Updated 8/18/06