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LSTA Grants To Individuals

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  • The Library Services and Technology Act Grants to Individuals program has been suspended due to changes in how the State Library can spend federal LSTA grant funds. The State Library will reopen these grants with new guidelines when or if possible.

    The Carol McMurry Library Endowment’s Individual Grants for Continuing Education program will continue to fund courses, workshops, conferences, and other continuing education opportunities for Wyoming library staff.

    Please contact Jamie Markus ( if you have any questions.

    The purpose of the LSTA Individual Grant program is to advance the knowledge, skills and talents of library employees to better serve residents of Wyoming. The State Library will regularly accept applications for continuing education purposes from individuals working in or associated with Wyoming libraries e.g. academic, public, school, and special. Eligible applicants are board members, directors, and staff in all units, at all levels and at all outlets.

    Because of the limited funds available for grants, applications will not be accepted from individuals working in personal, church or private libraries or full time students working on general undergraduate degrees.

    Grants can be used for the following restricted events:

    1. graduate library science courses from an ALA accredited program,
    2. undergraduate courses in library science,
    3. undergraduate courses in library science leading to the library media endorsement,
    4. work related computer science, management, supervision, business or credit courses,
    5. workshops and training in library services, hardware, software, management or other work related topics,
    6. attendance at IN-STATE library-related conferences having direct impact upon work responsibilities,
    7. a regional or national conference if asked to be a presenter.

    Grants will NOT be considered for:

    1. MPLA, ALA, ALA division, or other regional, national or special conference as an attendee, roundtable participant, or committee member.

    Grant Information:

    1. All proposals submitted must be for upcoming events. Events occurring in the 30 days immediately after the application deadline will not be approved due to the time needed to complete the application review and notify applicants.
    2. Applications will not be accepted for events that have already occurred.
    3. The maximum award is $1000. The individual can apply and be reimbursed for registration, tuition, materials, and mileage. In-state lodging and meals are eligible as event costs if overnight stays are necessary. The costs are reimbursable but CANNOT exceed the maximum daily lodging rate in Wyoming of $60 plus taxes and maximum daily meal rate of $39.
    4. Grants to Individuals are made on a reimbursement basis. Individuals must submit the Reimbursement Form along with documented course grade or certificate of completion, registration receipt, receipts for materials, travel, meals, lodging or other applicable receipts. Only actual expenses will be reimbursed and will not exceed the award amount.
    5. Grants cannot replace local library funding earmarked regularly for the individual's development.
    6. The applicant must be a library employee in good standing with 12 months employment prior to application. A letter of employment verification is required with an application.
    7. Applicants are ineligible for additional grants during the 12 months after the award letter is received. A current award must be closed before additional grants are accepted.
    8. Each recepient should review Internal Revenue Service Publication 970 "Tax Benefits for Education" ( to determine if the LSTA grant is tax free or must be reported as income when filing federal taxes. There is no state tax on an individual grant.
    9. Each individual must submit an Evaluation report on outcomes and benefits at the time of requesting reimbursement.

    Application Deadlines
    January 31
    March 31
    May 31
    July 31
    September 30
    November 30

    Applications will be accepted until 5:00 pm on the above deadline dates. Any application received after the deadline will not be considered in that round. All applicants will receive notification of the decision within 30 days after deadlines.

    Awards will be based on the following factors:

    1. Availability of federal funds as determined by the State Library,
    2. Stated value to the applicant,
    3. Clarity of the responses in the application.

    The competitive nature of these grants and limited funding means that applications should be submitted in a timely manner, state the importance of the event to the employee's duties, new tasks or professional growth, and identify associated costs clearly. The Wyoming State Library reserves the right to award an amount less than requested or to ask for additional information prior to making or denying an application.

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