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Wyoming School Library Survey 2016-17

Data collection is now closed for the 2016-17 Wyoming School Library Survey data. The final report will be issued later this year.


A username and password are required and will be sent to school library contacts by email when the survey opens. If you cannot locate it, contact Thomas Ivie or use the reminder link on the log-in screen.

See the 2015-16 survey questions and definitions.

LibPAS tutorials

TO SUBMIT your survey in LibPAS, click on the "Lock" button in the upper right corner. You may click the "Verify" button before you lock it to resolve any outstanding edit checks.

Frequently asked questions

Please contact Thomas Ivie at the State Library, or 307-777-6330 if you encounter any difficulty completing the survey. He will be glad to assist you.

My school doesn't have a library
If your school doesn't have a formal library separate from your classrooms, please contact Thomas Ivie at or 307-777-6330. He will process and lock your survey. You do not need to fill the survey out, but it is helpful if you let us know that you don't have one.

I don't have my login information
You should be able to use the password reminder link on the LibPAS login page, or you may contact Thomas Ivie at If you have multiple schools, the password reminder link will only send you the first school's login information. Contact Thomas for logins for the rest of your schools.

My login credentials don't work
Does your username begin with "WY0?" That is a zero after the "WY," not the letter "O." If that does not appear to be the problem, contact Thomas.

I can't change my staffing or enrollment numbers
These are locked fields as these numbers are provided directly by the Wyoming Department of Education for data consistency. If they are incorrect, your district may not be reporting them accurately. Please note: In addition, some fields are calculated fields, such as total number of student visits. You will not be able to enter data directly into those fields.

I'm getting a popup, but the value I entered is correct
An edit check popup doesn't necessarily mean you did something incorrectly; it is a doublecheck for values that appear to be out of range. If the value is correct, please enter an explanatory note in the popup field.

I can't get my survey to submit
Several things could be happening:
  • Have you filled out every question? If you do not have the information needed for a specific question, please either check the "unavailable" box or find "no answer" in the drop down menu.
  • Have you annotated all edit checks? If your survey lock fails, the system will tell you which questions still need to be resolved.
If you have filled everything out, annotated everything, and it's still giving you error messages when you hit Verify, try hitting Submit/Lock anyway. It may go through. If not, contact Thomas at and he'll resolve it as quickly as possible.

How do I calculate the average copyright date for my 600s collection?
This information may be available through your automated circulation system. WYLD libraries may find their stats through Directors' Station (password required), or contact Thomas Ivie for assistance. Alternately, you may pull a random sample of your books and average the copyright dates in them.

Some vendors offer collection analysis tools that allow you to upload your MARC records. These include:
To see prior years' surveys, visit our Wyoming Library Statistics page.

Questions about the survey may be directed to Thomas Ivie,, 307-777-6330 or toll-free in Wyoming at 1-800-264-1281 (press 1)

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