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Wyoming Public Library Annual Report FY15

Data collection is open for FY15. Your user name and password will be sent to you by email through the LibPAS system. If you do not receive it, or if you have any questions, please contact Thomas Ivie by email or at 307-777-6330. Data reports for prior years may be found on our main statistics page.

The annual report is required of all county libraries under Wyoming Statute 18-7-106. This and other statutes related to Wyoming county libraries may be found in Wyoming Library Laws. Data collected from Wyoming and from more than 9,000 libraries in all other states is reported to the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Log into LibPAS
Once logged in, click on "Data Entry," then use the dropdown menu to select "Public Library Statistics"

LibPAS has tool tips for some items, if you hover your cursor over the data element name. Click on the number to see any definitions.

Public Library Statistics Cooperative (PLSC) data element definitions Changes to the FY15 survey
An explanation of changes to the federal data elements may be found on the PLSC wiki. A breakdown on how this affects you:
  • Revision: 451 Electronic Books (E-Books)
    State licensed E-books are prefilled in the survey. However, add any local you have. Revised definition lays out how to count them.

  • Revision: 453 Audio-Downloadable Units
    State licensed audio-downloadable units are prefilled in the survey. However, add any local you have. Revised definition lays out how to count them.

  • Revision: 455 Video-Downloadable Units
    Revised definition lays out how to count them.

  • Revision: 552 Circulation of Electronic Materials
    Include circulation only for items counted under Electronic Books (E-Books), Audio-Downloadable Units and Video-Downloadable Units in the LIBRARY COLLECTION data elements 450-460. Do not include items not specified under those definitions.

  • Revision: Electronic Collections (456-458)
    Revised definition changes the reporting of the number of licensed databases to the number of electronic collections.
Directors Station Reports

July 1, 2015 reports (XLSX) from Directors Station on holdings and circulation for FY15 that may be helpful in completing the annual report.

To run additional reports, log into Directors Station using Internet Explorer. Assistance and password information is available from the WYLD office.

Additional instructions
  • Circulation should be reported only for items that leave the building, not in-library use. For this reason, in the spreadsheet provided, Use Item has been subtracted from children's circulation. Children's circulation on the spreadsheet was determined using Item Category 2 - Juvenile in Directors' Station. If the children's circulation total in the spreadsheet does not accurately reflect the children's circulation in your library, please use your own figures.

  • Your total WYLD circulation has been pre-filled with Use Item already subtracted. A separate line is provided for non-WYLD circulation Non-WYLD circulation would include any physical items you count but do not actually run through Workflows. Do not include e-circulation in the non-WYLD circulation line.

  • For this report, we want actual dollars received and spent for the year. On operating income, regardless of how these may be accounted for in your official budget, do not report:
    • Any pass-through funds, such as Library Endowment Challenge Payments that go to your Foundation.
    • The value of any in-kind donations of goods or services
    • Funds for capital projects, such as building additions (see definition) Capital revenue is reported separately, by source of funding, under quesetion 20.
    • Carryover funds

  • Report funding by its original source. Eg.: if it's a federal grant, and your county distributes it to you, it is still considered federal funding.

  • Capital revenue and capital expenditures do not need to match

  • Employee benefits include payroll taxes paid by the library, not just health insurance, retirement, etc.

  • Please include Hein Online (if applicable), Mango Languages and Reference USA under Local and Other Licensed Databases

Questions? Please direct questions to Thomas Ivie, Wyoming State Library Digital Initiatives Librarian, at, 307-777-6330.
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