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Volume 38, Number 6
September 2005 – Supplement


Albany County
FY05: Budget $604,636; Mills 1.7470; Revenue from Mills $545,568
FY06: Not available (n/a)
Albany County Public Library has planned no increases in staffing, public hours or employee compensation. Materials budget is $67,821, and the library has moved to the Wyoming State Library acquisitions program. The county's mill levy dropped, but assessed valuation has increased. The City of Laramie faced a budget deficit for the third year in a row. With a $200,000 shortfall, the city funded only $5,000 of the library's $25,000 request. Albany County increased its optional sales tax funds to the library from $20,000 to $45,000 to offset the decrease in city funding.

Big Horn County
FY05: Budget $313,109; Mills1.4440; Mill Revenue $237,893
FY06: Budget $383,666 (up 23%); Mills 1.4440; Projected Mill Revenue $250,779
Big Horn County Library's budget increase allowed for staff raises. Materials funds increased after cuts last year, but are still not up to FY04 levels. The library is seeking a grant to repair the heating system in the main library in Basin.

Campbell County
FY05: Budget $2,748,788; Mills 0.8080; Mill Revenue $2,632,088
FY06: Budget $2,898,608 (up 5%); Mills 0.7600; Proj. Mill Revenue $2,780,908
Staff received 4% cost of living adjustment and merit raises in November. Staff shortages continue to plague Campbell County Public Library System, especially with the young adult room in the basement. Additional personnel were denied because of a county policy to keep staffing levels at the status quo. Main floor remodeling is funded outside the operating budget.

Carbon County
FY05: Budget $420,144; Mills 0.6530; Mill Revenue $375,603
FY06: Budget $541,031 (up 29%); Mills 0.6560; Proj. Mill Revenue $438,178
Carbon County Library System Director Vicki Hitchcock said she is pleased with their budget increase and credits it to both an improved county economy and community support. Staff will receive a 4.5% cost of living adjustment and a 2.5% raise. Programming budget increased slightly. Funding is now available for additional shelving and audio-visual storage in several locations; these projects were delayed at least two years. The library system is relocating its Medicine Bow Branch after the town and county terminated their lease agreement. Funding to renovate a county-owned building in Medicine Bow has been approved, but is outside the library's operating budget. CCLS hopes to begin circulating online at Encampment and Little Snake River and has built funds into the budget toward that goal.

Converse County
FY05: Budget $385,910; Mills 0.8990; Mill Revenue $418,991
FY06: Budget $519,495 (up 35%); Mills 1.0840; Proj. Mill Revenue $468,750
Converse County Library's recent Bridges newsletter read, "After three years of stable funding, this much welcomed raise in funding helps meet increased expenses in library materials, utilities, insurance and other areas." On the staffing side, the library will create a salaried information technology position to serve both libraries, adjust deferred compensation salary contributions and increase pay scales an average of 2.5%. Funding will increase

Crook County
FY05: Budget $264,986; Mills 2.0320; Mill Revenue $208,888
FY06: Budget $320,929 (up 21%); Mills 2.1320; Proj. Mill Revenue $248,788
Crook County Public Library's budget increase will fund operation of a new Hulett library, salary increases for all employees and benefits for part-time branch employees. For many years, the public library has contracted with Crook County School District for public access to the school library in Hulett. Crook County Public Library is now in the process of separating the two libraries and setting up a new Hulett Branch Library in its own facility.

Fremont County
FY05: Budget $1,235,587; Mills 1.6790; Mill Revenue $1,048,597
FY06: Budget $1,335,104 (up 8%); Mills 1.2680; Proj. Mill Revenue, no report

Goshen County
FY05: Budget $238,000; Mills 1.7000; Mill Revenue $159,594
FY06: Budget $240,796 (up 1%); Mills 1.7000; Proj. Mill Revenue $162,356
Goshen County Library was able to increase salaries slightly. No staffing changes. Since August 2005, full-time employees are receiving health insurance fully paid from the county general funds. The FY05 budget was realigned to $242,532 to accommodate compliance with GASB34; it went from cash accounting to full accrual accounting, which resulted in 13 months of expenses.

Hot Springs County
FY05: Budget $108,742; Mills 0.9980; Mill Revenue $108,742
FY06: Budget $140,020 (up 29%); Mills 0.8790; Proj. Mill Revenue $115,185

Johnson County
FY05: Budget $347,221; Mills 1.7680; Mill Revenue $270,545
FY06: Budget $402,893 (up 16%); Mills 1.4910; Proj. Mill Revenue $314,068
Johnson County Library has hired two new part-time employees (.75 FTE total), given 5% raises to full-time staff and $.50 per hour raises for part-timers. Health insurance now includes vision and dental with no increase in rates. The library was able to include a materials budget this year and will not have to rely on its Foundation for those purchases. The library has budgeted for exterior painting at Kaycee and HVAC unit replacements at Buffalo.

Laramie County
FY05: Budget $2,639,847; Mills 2.0000; Mill Revenue $1,189,287
FY06: Budget $2,814,895 (up 7%); Mills 2.0000; Proj. Mill Revenue $1,305,894
Laramie County Library System's FY06 includes a 4% cost of living adjustment for personnel. No changes to services are planned. Major facilities enhancements are not included in the operating budget reported here. Those expenses, which include construction of a new central library, are part of a separate budget funded by a specific purpose sales tax.

Lincoln County
FY05: Budget $697,325; Mills 1.0880; Mill Revenue $657,162
FY06: Budget $809,737 (up 16%); Mills 0.9910; Proj. Mill Revenue $746,365
Lincoln County Library System's budget picture has improved. The county took responsibility for non-custodial facilities maintenance, allowing the library to shift funds from a part-time maintenance position to supplies and equipment. Ten staff hours a week were added in administration to allow more time for technology issues. The LaBarge and Cokeville Branches each got an additional five hours a week to open on Saturdays from 10-2. Temporary, six-week part-time positions were added to help with summer reading: 16 hours a week in Kemmerer, ten hours in Cokeville and eight hours in LaBarge. Employees received 4.5% salary increases. The library budgeted $70,000 for capital improvements that include painting, staining, flooring replacement, new shelving and putting a roof over the basement entry at Cokeville. Part of the new shelving will be used to improve young adult areas. Lincoln County had no cash reserves at the end of FY03; they were able to put $70,396 in cash reserves at the end of FY05.

Natrona County (revenues no longer based on millage)
FY05: Budget $1,658,555
FY06: Budget $1,848,478
Natrona County Public Library has budgeted a 4% salary increase for all employees and will add two part-time circulation clerks, one full-time circulation clerk and one MLS librarian to augment youth services programs. Teen programming will increase. The Natrona County Commission provided $24,660 in one-time funding to support Mills Branch for FY06. Collection budget is reduced from $280,000 to $240,000 due to One-Cent 4-year allocation phasing. No facility additions are planned.

Niobrara County
FY05: Budget $120,582; Mills 1.6300; Mill Revenue $71,277
FY06: Budget $117,832 (down 2%); Mills 1.6300; Proj. Mill Revenue $75,156
Staff received small salary increases. Rising insurance and fuel costs necessitated a reduced materials budget.

Park County
FY05: Budget n/a; Mills 1.3730; Mill Revenue $610,782
FY06: Budget $1,042,860; Mills 1.6200; Proj. Mill Revenue $849,491
Park County Library is enjoying good support from its Board of County Commissioners, although the county could not fully fund their budget request. Staff will receive $.05 per hour, per year of longevity raises and a 3.85% COLA. Two positions have been adjusted upward and several part-time employees will increase from 20 to 28 hours. Materials funds have increased significantly from $53,430 in FY05 to $95,000 for FY06, and programming has increased from $1,300 to $5,000. The county recently purchased the Marathon Building to house the library in the future, which limited its ability to put more in the library's operating budget.

Platte County
FY05: Budget $214,826; Mills 1.6720; Mill Revenue $203,326
FY06: n/a

Sheridan County
FY05: Budget $1,024,503
FY06: Budget $1,015,041
Sheridan County Library System's budget remained flat. The library could not both maintain services and improve employee compensation and benefits. Pay and benefits have been an issue because library employee compensation has not been comparable to that of Sheridan County employees. The board made the difficult decision to cut services. The board funded 5% raises for staff. In addition, the library will now pay 100% of Wyoming Retirement and 60% of dependent medical coverage. Previously, 5.57% of salary was deducted for retirement and employees paid the full medical insurance premium for dependents. The library had to cut Sunday hours, Wyoming Room evening and weekend hours and weekly library-to-school delivery service. Homebound delivery was reduced to once a month from twice. Sheridan County School District 2 stepped forward to retain After School @ Your Library homework help for grade 3, but the program has been cut for students in grades 2, 4 and 5. The materials budget has also been reduced. A separate $1.6 million renovation budget is funded primarily by the library's foundation specifically for that purpose.

Sublette County
FY05: Budget $611,009, Mills 0.2877, Mill Revenue $586,509
FY06: n/a

Sweetwater County
FY05: Budget $2,841,069; Mills 1.6300; Mill Revenue $2,542,955
FY06: Budget $3,085,504 (up 9%); Mills 1.4700; Proj. Mill Revenue $2,676,182
With an increased tax base in Sweetwater County, fewer mills equals more money. Sweetwater County Library System received a 3% increase in collection development funds. There are no more alternating Friday and Saturday schedules at the Rock Springs Library. Not included in the operating budget is a request to replace the HVAC unit in the Community Fine Arts Center.

Teton County
FY05: Budget $2,696,052; Mills 3.0540; Mill Revenue $2,375,829
FY06: Budget $2,940,123 (up 9%); Mills 3.0000; Proj. Mill Revenue $2,524,276
Teton County Library added 50 hours total to several of its part-time positions. No service or facility changes are planned.

Uinta County
FY05: Budget $745,502; Mills 1.0000; Mill Revenue $521,730
FY06: Budget $851,004 (up 14%); Mills 1.0000; Proj. Mill Revenue $608,000
Uinta County valuation is on the upswing, and the library has benefited. Uinta County Library has given its employees a 4% COLA, added one administrative position and increased two circulation positions by 10 hours each. Health insurances costs have increased 20%, although not as a reflection of any changes in benefits. The library has increased its collection budget 13.31% to $44,280 and is conducting an addition/renovation project at its Mountain View Branch Library.

Washakie County
FY05: Budget $154,825; Mills 1.1280; Mill Revenue $104,725
FY06: Budget $163,645 (up 6%); Mills 1.1230; Proj. Mill Revenue $107,725
Washakie County Library's budget was up just slightly, but is still minimal to pay for two buildings and seven staff. The library anticipates no changes to staffing (including compensation), services or facilities.

Weston County
FY05: Budget $230,485; Mills 1.7240; Mill Revenue $146,941
FY06: Budget $239,923 (up 4%); Mills 1.8720; Proj. Mill Revenue $183,387
Weston County Library System does not plan any changes to staffing, services or facilities for FY06.