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Mabel Wilkinson poster

Mabel Wilkinson Posters

In February 1915, Mabel Wilkinson was hired by the Wheatland Library Association to organize a new county library and plan for extension work. Her job required that she visit every village and post office in Platte County to publicize the plans for a traveling library collection.

Miss Wilkinson did all her traveling on “Joker,” a horse described as a “young bay, sound in wind and limb… who had never done a mean thing so far… who winked at her and showed his teeth.” She rode to every post office, town, village and hamlet in the county, often across trackless prairie, encountering bad weather, snakes and varmints, and all of the wonderful people who give Wyoming its color and its vitality.

The tour was a success; people everywhere were hungry for a chance to read in a place where books and newspapers were passed from hand to hand until they fell to pieces.

To find out more about Mabel Wilkinson’s journey, and to get a copy of her manuscript, titled “Experiences of a Field Worker, Platte County, Wyoming,” or to get a copy of the poster "A Wyoming Librarian," or some bookmarks, please email or call 307-777-6333.

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