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Wyoming Federal Depository Library Consortium

OCTOBER 26-27, 1995

Campbell County Public Library: Marcia Wright, Ara Anderson, Lori Kirchoff
Central Wyoming Community College: Carol Deering
Natrona County Public Library: Lesley Boughton, Brenda Hanks
Northwest College: Jerome Halpin
Sheridan College: Lisa Smith, Harold Huber
University of Wyoming: Jan Jorgensen, McKinley Sieloff
Western Wyoming Community College: Bob Kalabus
Wyoming State Law Library: Kathy Carlson
Wyoming State Library: Karen Mydland, Trish Palluck, Bobbi Thorpe, Vera Caleb, Janet Williams, Venice Beske



  1. Memorandum of Understanding
    1. The "Memorandum of Understanding" that was distributed to the directors was examined. It was decided that the final "MOU" should:
      1. Include all depository libraries in Wyoming with individual chapters dealing with specific subjects. Include chapters on: 1) Basic principles of consortium; 2) Shared cataloging project among WYLD libraries;3) Resource sharing; and 4) Regional Depository Consortium
      2. Spell out what agreements are
      3. Document assumptions
      4. Be produced in a loose leaf format so it can be updated and added to easily
    2. The draft "MOU" for the shared cataloging project among WYLD libraries was rewritten. Jerome Halpin offered to assist with this document.
    3. There was a discussion on item numbers selected by each library; these are the percentages as of the July 1, 1995 update cycle.
      Campbell County Public Library 17%
      Central Wyoming Community College 12.74%
      Natrona County Public Library 18.12%
      Northwest College 8.67%
      Sheridan College 10%
      University of Wyoming 87%
      University of Wyoming Law Library
      Western Wyoming Community College 10%
      Wyoming State Law Library 1%
      Wyoming State Library 26%
    1. Demonstrated MARCIVE database using MARCIVE CD showing records and potential problems we will have to handle.
    2. Discussed procedure and process to accomplish goal.
    3. Jan Jorgenson and McKinley Sieloff reported on the progress of the University of Wyoming documents cataloging project using MARCIVE. They started profiling a year ago and are now finished. Records have not been loaded into CARL yet. They use four location codes: UWREF, UWMAP, UWMF, and UWDOC.
    4. Completed Marcive GPO Record Processing Profile.
      Decisions of significance include:
      1. Consortium would like to do profiling for retrospective conversion at same time as profiling for ongoing service. We would like to profile for most publications from 1991-present with additional records from 1976-present added for selected sudoc stems.
      2. Most consortium libraries would prefer dummy barcodes but there remains some interest among a couple of libraries in smart barcodes. The final decision will be based upon 1) the results of tests by the WYLD office; and 2) whether smart barcodes have to be used by all consortium libraries or can be selected by an individual library.
      3. Each consortium library would like multiple "holding codes". Each library would have a paper and microfiche holding code. If they wished to "purchase" two more holding codes, they could for the cost of $250.00/code. Using the State Library as an example, we would have WSL Paper, WSL Microfiche and probably WSLL and LCCC as we have selective housing agreements with both these libraries for selected materials. Libraries agreed to determine holding codes they want and submit to State Library by December 1, 1995.
      4. Serials are of special concern. Consortium agreed to separate serials from monographs. Before putting records in WYLD, survey needs to be done of what federal document serials already exist in database.
      5. Consortium decided that the purchase of the DRA Serials Module is necessary for this project to meet the needs of the depositories and ongoing database quality.
    5. Planning for next steps of project.
      1. Contact Marcive regarding the following: 1) Can we do retrospective conversion from 1991-present and add records for selected sudoc stems back to 1976; 2) Can we add all consortium libraries except WSL from 1976-present; 3) Can we get tape for all records 1976-present and profile different libraries with different dates; 4) Can some consortium libraries get smart barcodes and some elect not to receive them; 5) How soon can we get disks for libraries (Does contract need to be signed first; 6) Costs for retrospective conversion; 7) Can all consortium libraries get a copy of the MARCIVE GPO CD for use in profiling?
      2. Results of tests that the WYLD office is performing on smart barcodes, etc. have to be evaluated.
      3. Determine status of purchase of DRA Serials Module and what we have to do to "make it so."
      4. Negotiate contract with Marcive.
      5. After disks are received from Marcive, each library will determine which records they want for what dates and input that information on the disk; after this is completed, the consortium libraries will meet on January 24-25, 1996 in Riverton to come to an agreement on these records.
      1. What are they doing for us now?
        1. Providing means for libraries to discard items.
        2. Enabling Wyoming Selective Depositories to meet legal requirements of Federal Depository Library System.
      2. What kind of problems are we having with them?
        1. Overall lack of support
        2. $2.00 microfiche copies to UW.
        3. Have not picked up 300+ boxes of publications that they asked WSL to select for them during downsizing project.
        4. Depositories have been charged for ILL.
        5. No reporting about federal level actions.
        6. No site visits, training, communication, or sense that they care about Wyoming.
      3. What can we do?
        1. Renegotiate with USU-from consortium's perspective, this is the least desirable.
        2. Negotiate with another regional library-CU/Boulder has expressed an interest. (Perhaps Keith Cottam, Jerry Krois and another Wyoming Selective Depository Library Director could visit with CU-suggest that this contact be made ASAP so we have this information before talking with USU)
        3. Plan for the formation of a Wyoming Regional Consortium. Continue to develop projects for resource sharing and communication that would enable Wyoming to apply to GPO to be a model "Consortium Regional."
          Ideas include: 1) Current cataloging project; 2) Gateway between WYLD and CARL; 3) Item selection coordination [Work with UW if they have to decrease item selections to assure that another Wyoming selective is getting item] 4) Increase communication by development of listserv and email lists; 4) Form an official Government Publications section [Government information section] within Wyoming Library Association; 5) Continue to develop increased access to and education for the use of all federal, state and local government information by Wyoming citizens.

      Talked with Joan Chapa November 6, 1995

      1. Questions about retrospective conversion options and costs.
        (As an overview, there are about 353,000 records in the database from 1976-present; 23,000 are serial records.)
        1. 1976-present [Libraries would designate years held and Marcive would provide file] Total cost=$59,304.00
        2. 1976-present [Receive tape of all records unprofiled; consortium libraries would have to do all work.] Total cost=$26,000.00 (Joan says this would take years)
        3. 1976-present with 7 libraries profiled, WSL profiled from 1991-present Total Cost=$14,600.00 (Joan says there would be problem with duplicates)
        4. 1976-present (Serials Only) Cost=$1600.00 (Joan says this is good idea)
        5. 1991-present [Would amount to about 36,000 records] Total cost=$6500.00. (Joan says this is good idea considering WSL changed status during 1976-present time period)
        6. Profiling for selected sudoc stems back to 1976. Joan says this is technically possible but impossible to determine costs because of unknown number of records. She does not recommend this. Instead suggests that we use CD to select records we may want. There is no cost for using CD.
          Conclusion: Our best, most affordable option in time and money is to profile from 1991-present for monographs and 1976-present for serials at a total cost of about $8100.00.
      2. Can a single library of the consortium choose to use smart barcodes while the other libraries use dummy barcodes?
        Marcive prefers this as they are still having problems if more than one library in a consortium uses smart barcodes.
      3. Can we get CDs for each library in consortium to assist in profiling?
        Marcive will provide a CD of the database to each library; they can be used for 4-5 months. They do not replace with updated versions.
      4. How does the downloading of files work?
        Files of the full bibliographic record come separately from the shipping list record file on a monthly basis.
        Files of the shipping list records come once per week. The systems person (WYLD) receives an email message saying "Your shipping list is ready." [Marcive needs email address of systems' person; other persons can be cc. on message]
      5. Are we correct in concluding that 36 holding codes are available to us as a consortium?
        Yes; 36 holding codes are available to us. Joan cautions that fewer is better than too many and to remember to weigh the costs against the work that may be involved in simply editing the record.
      6. How soon can we receive the disks to start profiling?
        The disks will be sent to the libraries after 1) the final contract has been signed; 2) a purchase order has been assigned for payment; and 3) the profiling agreement has been received from each library. (This is the document we worked on at Casper; all consortium members will have to complete one and list a contact person for each library). When Marcive has received the above, they will send the disks to the libraries. At that time, they will also start testing.


      1. The system will accept the Marcive smart barcode.

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