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Wyoming Federal Depository Library Consortium

TO: Wyoming Selective Depository Libraries
Campbell County Public Library Marcia Wright, Ara Anderson, Lori Kirchoff
Central Wyoming Community College Carol Deering, Kathleen Holbert
Natrona County Public Library Lesley Boughton, Brenda Hanks
Northwest College Jerome Halpin
Sheridan College Debbie Iverson, Lisa Smith, Harold Huber
University of Wyoming Jan Jorgensen, McKinley Sieloff
University of Wyoming Law Library Joan Binder
Western Wyoming Community College Bob Kalabus, Deanna LeBarren
Wyoming State Law Library Kathy Carlson, Ann Harrington
Wyoming State Library Vera Caleb, Trish Palluck, Bobbi Thorpe

FROM: Wyoming State Library Karen Mydland, Venice Beske

DATE: January 31, 1996

SUBJECT: Depository Meeting Notes

Following are the notes from the depository meeting of January 24-25 in Riverton. Please feel free to make additions or corrections. Thank you to all who attended and to Central Wyoming Community College for being such great hosts. We missed those of you who were unable to be there and hope you will be able to join us at the UW on April 1-2.

Based on the recommendations of the consortium, we have presented this information to Helen and she will be initiating contact with University of Colorado-Boulder later this month.

There is also an update on our Marcive contract. Joe French talked with them earlier this week and they did not have any significant problems with all of the changes our Attorney General's office made in the contract. There are a couple of points to be negotiated and Joe is working on those. Hopefully, we'll have a contract (and the disks) soon.

Regional Needs and Alternatives


  • Permanent retention requirement of GPO
  • 100% selection of items offered by GPO
  • Discard of unwanted publications
  • Assistance with feedback to GPO, Depository Library Council, GODORT, Congress
  • Assistance with training
  • Assistance with GPO inspections

Time: Before USU's contract expires


  • University of Colorado-Boulder [Most desirable]
  • Denver Public Library
  • Renegotiate with Utah State University [If can't work with Colorado regionals]
  • Create Wyoming Shared Regional [Premature]
  • Locate another Regional (MT, NE, KS, ID, ND, NM) [Unknown; would need time to investigate]
Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Alternative:

University of Colorado-Boulder

  • UW has working relationship with them already
  • Wyoming Libraries have long term relationship with Colorado Libraries
  • CU-Boulder has active government documents group
  • Regional Librarian, Tim Byrne, is strong leader
  • COGOPUB-L (Colorado Depository Listserv)
  • In our "Gateway" already (CARL/WYLD), which also provides access to all CO selective depositories
  • One of two regionals in Colorado (Denver Public Library also regional)
  • Use Marcive to get document's records
  • Geographically close
  • Will have to develop contract and relationship with them
  • Have tentatively approached them and they are willing to consider idea
  • Large population base creating greater potential for interaction and professional development opportunities
  • Colorado is center for regional activities in federal government eg. federal offices, Regional archives
  • Has NTIS and CIS collections
  • Collects international publications (UN, etc.)
  • Contract would need to be negotiated

Utah State University

  • We know what to expect
  • Existing contract
  • Cost of contract is very high for service received
  • Have received no service particularly for last 2-3 years
  • Contract is not being fulfilled
  • Discard lists - have received limited help
  • Have not picked up 300+ boxes of documents from WSL (Have promised to do so for about a year and a half)
  • Help us meet retention requirements
  • Not electronically tied to Wyoming; not in our "Gateway"

Wyoming Shared Regional

  • $ stay in Wyoming
  • More investment necessary for Wyoming depositories in staffing, space, and electronic equipment
  • Retention/Selection Problem
    (Comprehensive current and retrospective selection and permanent retention)
  • Training opportunities may be limited due to small size
  • We think we know what our training needs are
  • We are a working consortium now
  • Discard lists requirement (Related to retention/selection problem)
  • Time constraints ie. must be done before June
  • May be possible in future if GPO changes retention/selection requirements

Other Regionals

  • Not as close geographically
  • Not in "gateway"
  • MT and ID in WLN

January 24-25, 1996

1. Establish government documents section in WLA

Name Government Information Section
Date Petition completed by March 7, 1996 meeting of WLA
Who Have petition signed by as many interested persons as possible by March 1, 1996; Venice Beske will present petition to WLA Executive Board on March 7.
Need for Because technology (WYLD, CARL, Ferret, WWW) is providing greater access to government information; and because, simultaneously, free public access to government information is threatened by commercial interests.
Purpose of To provide a forum for discussion of government information issues and advancement of government information services to our library clientele; and to develop strategies for identifying, locating, using, and preserving government information at all levels in all formats.
Proposed Program for 1996 WLA Conference (Cosponsored by Natrona County Public Library Patent and Trademark Depository Library and WLA Government Information Section)
Patent and Trademark Information
Wednesday, October 2, 8-12 Consortium librarians
Wednesday, October 2, 1-5 All other interested librarians, particularly reference librarians

Intellectual Property Program for Public
Thursday, October 3, 8-5?

Section Meeting

2. Create list of reference sources held by Wyoming Depositories

What Create a list of general, patent and trademark, and legal reference sources for use by Wyoming depository librarians; include indexes such as MOCAT, CIS indexes, RIE, Index Medicus, GRA&I, ERA, STAR, etc.
When Begin working on it immediately with a rough draft by April 1-2 meeting.
Who UW and WSL will begin list and it will circulate among all depositories.
Format Create in Word Perfect 5.1
Use 3 1/2" disks
Distribute electronically
Include bibliographic citation and holdings initially; add annotation eventually

3. Create list of State Documents collections held by libraries.

A plea was made for state documents to be catalogued and added to WYLD on a more timely basis; there continues to be a great deal of frustration on everyone's part by the lack of access to state publications because cataloging is so very slow.

4. Participate in Colorado Depository meeting to be held at end of February to discuss the "Federal Electronic Depository Library Program: Transition Plan" recently distributed by GPO.

McKinley Sieloff of the University of Wyoming proposed that Wyoming participate in the above meeting. She summarized the issue as presented by the Federal Depository Library Program in Administrative Notes, December 29, 1995, including legal, library, and GPO concerns. Discussion followed and concerns of Wyoming Federal Depository Libraries identified. These concern are:

  • Standards are needed to improve ease of use and remove the inconsistencies that currently exist in electronic formats
  • Speed of access
  • Problems with graphics information ie. maps, forms, pictures
    (Printing, storage of large files, transmission of large files)
  • Preservation and availability of historical information
  • Costs of electronic access
  • Legality and officiality of information
  • Rural access dependant upon telecommunications technology
  • Cost of connectivity for rural residents
  • Training needs will increase
  • Human communication needs will increase
  • Technostress and technophobias
  • Requires changes in learning style
  • People are not comfortable with computers
  • More demand upon librarians
  • Need to have dual formats (electronic AND paper/microform) of a number of sources including maps, Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, U.S. Code, Congressional Record, Serial Set, U.S. Reports, Bills, other primary source materials, statistical abstract, Occupational Outlook Handbook, etc.
5. Next meeting
Place University of Wyoming Time April 1, 1996 1:00 - April 2, 1996 12:00 Agenda
Regional Status (CU-Boulder If possible, would be good opportunity to meet with Tim Byrne, Regional Librarian, CU-Boulder)
Marcive update
Reference List Status
WLA Section Bylaws (Evening meeting)
Report on GPO Inspection schedule
Copies of Shipping Lists UW - Last 5 years
WSL - Since 1992
  1. New Technologies eg. CDs, Databases (GPO Access)
  2. Non-electronic Reference Sources
  3. Basic Processes and Procedures for New Personnel
WLA Government Information Section Programs
GPO Identification of specialties and division of responsibilities eg. Natrona County-Patents; WYLL-Legal; UW & WSL-CDs
Wyoming Selectives Meetings-meet at different library once or twice per year to share expertise and have training program MPLA, ALA
Identification of Holdings
  1. 1976-Present

  2. List of Pre-1976 titles/series held in Wyoming
WYLD Depositories - Load records to WYLDCAT using Marcive
UW - Load records to CARL using Marcive
UWLL - Make database accessible through

Create Union List of Series held in Wyoming - WSL create list, ALL

Reference Tools
  1. Comprehensive Index to 1976-Present Documents (Even with Documents in WYLD, the list will not be comprehensive)

  2. Pre-1976 Indexing tools
  3. Other reference sources
CARL #83 and/or #99
Marcive CD on WYLD
First Search - Gov Docs database
RLIN - LC WWW site

Create List of Reference Tools held by all Wyoming Depositories

State of Wyoming WWW
Reference Services to Individuals and Libraries Identification of special collection strengths and expertise
E-mail referrals
Stumpers on Listserv
Documents FAQ
Interlibrary Loans (Timely) All supply utilizing CARL and WYLD
Regional (Old, NTIS, CIS)
Cooperative Collection Development
Selection and retention of all items of current and historical value to Wyoming
Develop collection development policy for consortium
100% Selection of Items Offered by GPO Selective Housing Agreements within Wyoming
Permanent Retention Requirement Develop collection development policy for consortium
Discard Procedure (Timely) Electronic Discard List
  1. Pre-inspection
  2. GPO Inspections

Wyoming Selective Depositories
National/Regional Input and News
  1. Feedback to GPO, Depository Library Council, GODORT, Congress

  2. Govdoc-L

  3. GPO Depository Library Meeting


  5. AALL Government Documents Section

  6. MPLA Government Documents Section

  7. WLA

  8. Government Information Publications and Journals

Listserv for Wyoming Depositories
Monitor other listservs and share information

Subscribers share information


Membership and sharing of information/Meeting attendance
Scan DTTP table of contents and distribute via ARIEL

Membership and sharing of information (WYLL, UWLL)/Meeting attendance

Membership/Meeting attendance

Start Government Information Section

WSL subscribe to Uncover for $20.00/year; monitor and forward tables of contents to selectives

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