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The Crook County Public Library System enables the people of Crook County
to cherish their history and expand their personal horizons through free and easily accessible information and services.




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Wyoming Libraries Endowment Challenge

In March 2008, the Wyoming State Legislature passed the
Wyoming Library Endowment Challenge. 
For every dollar that our Crook County Library Foundation raises,
the state legislature will match it 3-to-1. 
They will match a maximum of $228,986 provided it is raised by June 2017. 

Endowments are funds invested for perpetuity -- the principal amount can never be touched, only the interest can be used to benefit the Library.  It is an investment in the library into the uncertain future.  Please consider donating or making a pledge to the Crook County Library Foundation.  All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.



Libraries are a vital part of all our communities in Crook County and our Crook County Library Board is an important element in ensuring the best possible library service for all our citizens.

The Crook County Commissioners appoint a five-member Library Board to oversee the administration of the Library system.  Each board member is appointed for a maximum of two three-year terms – we try to have each area of the county represented on the board.  The library board is currently composed of  President Maylee Baron-Kanode, Vice-president Peggy Warner, Secretary Marge Myers, Treasurer Tami Baron, and Library Foundation Liaison Hannah Ista.  Peggy Warner is the newest member, just appointed to the board in June.

                The board meets once a month, usually on the 1st Thursday after the 1st Tuesday, with the location rotating among the three libraries.  At times, another board meeting may be required during the month, depending on the work load.  The board meetings are always open to the public and anyone is welcome to attend.

Our board is progressive, enthusiastic, and dedicated to improving library service in Crook County.   We’re proud that our board members take their commitment seriously and attend meetings regularly--this is the very foundation of good library service and stands as both a message and an example to the staff and the community.

                Library service in Wyoming is special.  Wyoming was the first state to have a statewide county library system, and it achieved another “first” with its statewide computer network.  The State Library in Cheyenne is the hub of this system.  Together with the Wyoming Library Association, the State Library sponsors statewide and local workshops to help board members and staff improve their service and keep up with new technology. 

                Thanks to all who have served on the library board in the past and to the current members for their dedication and hard work.  It is thanks to their efforts that we have such wonderful libraries in our communities.



County Librarian
Jill Mackey

Library Board

Chairman --
Maylee Baron-Kanode

Vice Chairman --
Peggy Warner

Secretary --
Marge Myers

Treasurer --
Tami Baron

Foundation Liaison --
Hannah Ista



Library Foundation

Chairman -- Susan Hadley
Secretary -- Jeanne Habeck
Treasurer -- Will Yemington
Board liaison -- Hannah Ista
Member -- Jeanette Smith
Two open positions


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